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    No BJP seat for Lal Krishna Advani in General election 2019

    Lal Krishna Advani, a veteran BJP leader did not find his name in the BJP candidates list announced by the party for the next general election. L K Advani s considered as the founder of the BJP party along with Bhari Vajapayee . L K Advani played prominent role in building BJP as a National political party. Does BJP consider him not relevant in the party or the veteran leader has handed over the mantle to the next generation leaders in the party.
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    Old LK Advani should not contest the election, should not win, and should not sit in ruling or opposition bench. It is below his dignity to be an MP under a junior leader as Prime Minister. He should now retire from political life, sit at home and watch the politics. BJP has not valued this senior leader. They have set him aside. Why waste time in the parliament without playing any role. He should have gently announced his retirement in advance than BJP sidelining him during the election.
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    When the youngsters outshine the elders, there is no option with the elders except accepting the fact they are gracefully retired from the active political scenario.

    So, before people sympathise with them they themselves start telling that they are not interested in the election or any position but will continue to serve the party.

    This realization is necessary if one wants to maintain ones reputation and prestige.

    Same thing has repeated in the UP politics also where the son took over the reigns of his father and father gracefully accepted it. There is no other way also.

    If you fight in such conditions the public will mock you.

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    In honour of his great service to BJP, BJP in the last presidential election might have honoured him by giving President post to him. Actually most of the common people have thought about this for Mr.Advani. But BJP top brass by showing a silly reason like as he involved in Babri demolition have sidelined him. Mr.Pranab got this honour in Congress but Mr.Advani was denied of this opportunity in BJP.

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    Not giving a seat Advani is a correct decision only. He is already 91 years and for him it is high time he should be taking rest. He need not worry about politics. If any younger generation leader is approaching him he should guide and act as a fatherly figure and retire from normal politics. He is the senior most leader and going and standing whenever his junior is coming as PM is not at all correct. So we need not worry about that.
    I too agree that he might have been made the President of India but it has not happened, So asking him to contest for a MP post is never a good aspect for his stature. It is good he was not given a ticket.

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    1. LK Advani is 91 years old. He is one of the all-time greatest leaders of the BJP.
    2. LK Advani strengthened BJP in 1991 by his Rath Jatra.
    3. However, due to his age and various setbacks (he has lost his wife and his dearest friend Vajpai-ji) in his life, he is almost out of active politics.
    4. Even in 2014, he was extremely reluctant to fight Lok Sabha election.
    5. He was not active in the Lok Sabha during the last five years, unlike his previous days.
    6. Everybody was sure that Advani-ji will finally retire this time.
    7. I remember that those who are now shedding crocodile's tears for Advani-ji were abusing him like anything during the period 1991-2004. They used to prefer Vajpai-ji in place of Advani-ji and tried their best to create a rift between these two. People know the nature of these people.

    Should we fall in their trap?

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    In my opinion other aged politicians should learn from L K Advani and take retirement.
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    Advaniji is a nonagenarian. It is not fair to make him undergo the rigours and pressure of an election campaign for himself. He deserves a pedestal where he will be giving his expertise and patronage. The party would have already considered giving him such a suitable post.
    I hope that will be done.

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    I think this is the matter of perception. When people reach at the age of 90, they should retire voluntarily rather than expecting the unrealistic matters. He cannot do the rallies for BJP at this age and he should rest. Of course, one can take advice from him but he may not be able to perform his duties as he did when of young age. There is nothing like sidelined, disrespect or other factors to be assumed in this matter. All are quite mature to understand the matter.
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    Advani being a senior politician hasn't done anything great to this nation. He was involved in Babri Masjid demolition. That's all. What is his good contribution to the development of India except for Rath Yatra which was a waste of time and energy?

    Can anyone spell out his good performance?

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    I think BJP has many younger leaders who can perform better than the old veterans. There is no retirement age for the polticians but if a party thinks that the younger people can run the show better than veterans should also support it.

    I think Mr Advani might had understood this scenario and that is why he is not insisting for the seat or thing like that.

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    Very well said #661267 / Partha K. & rest be in peace.

    We have raised of only one politicians but many big names would also go missing like the Mayawati of BSP, Sharad Pawar of NCP. The Murli Manohar Joshi has also denied for the ticket by the party. The Satrughna Sinha will fight on Congress ticket this time & so on but at least the things will never happen like as takes place in the Congress party wherein instead of the performances "surname" matters.

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