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    2014-Chaiwala ka Chaipe Charcha and 2019- Mai be Chowkidar hoon

    In the 2014 General Elections the Chaiwala statement of Congress leader Mr. Mani Shankar Ayyar against Mr. Narendra Modi turned out to be blessing in disguise for the party. Mr. Narendra Modi effectively used the mocking remark of Mr. Ayyar in the election campaign and finally won the elections.

    In the present election Mr. Rahul Gandhi has made a statement Chowkidar Chor Hai. How BJP will counter this mocking remark in the next general elections. Will BJP make use of the jibe like in the last elections?
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    Modi has already made use of this opportunity of being a Chowkidar and Choukidar chor hai to his advantage. This too is a blessing in disguise as he has gathered the support of all the security guards in India. Bachu Rahul Gandhi has insulted all the people working as chowkidars of India as Chor. This has added some strength to BJP.
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    A watchman is to protect the property from thieves. But in India the politicians and rulers who are supposed to take care of the people are becoming thieves.A person who wears yellow glass will see the whole world yellow only. Like this being a leader to the corrupt party for Rahul Gandhi whole world and all-leaders will appear as thieves only. That is why he made such a statement.
    Now all the people who are safeguarding the country at the borders are also like watchmen only. So their feelings will also get hurt. Similarly the police people standing behind him are also a sort of watchmen only. Their feelings will also get hurt. The statement of RG is hurting so many people. So Mr. Modi wants to give importance to that word so that he will get sympathy from them.
    So it will be an advantage only to BJP this time also.

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    There are certainly ways to come out of the allegations made by the opponents if the man being accused can analyse the situation in a different perspective and can reverse the game with the presence of mind. The same has happened with Narendra Modi when the comments hurled at him Choukidar Chor hai has given him added strength with entire support of Choukidar - community especially when the election is offing. So there is no question in being over - sentimental with any humilting comment, one must know the art of reversing the game on his favour.

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    Congress, like 2014, has given a weapon to BJP this time also. "Chowkidar Chor Hain" has been deftly converted by the BJP as "Main Bhi Chowkidar Hoon". I have listened to the song and watched the video. The tune is very melodious and the video is excellent.
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    The desperate actions of the opposition are strengthening the ruling regime.

    In fact, if the opposition parties had done some constructive work and instead of alleging had shown the major deficiencies of the present governance then the BJP would had been in a difficult situation.

    So whether we call it blessing in disguise or enemies helping the king, it is happening today in Indian politics.

    The problem is if the opposition does not take a graceful and prudent path with a long term planning and grassroot work in remote places along with NGOs, they will lose this battle soon.

    In that case we will also be loser as a strong and balanced opposition is required for a progressive democracy.

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    The more the opposition and the media insult Modi-ji, the more votes will the ruling coalition get. If the opposition and media don't understand this, it would be great for the country and the people.
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