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    Do you think this time General election is based on priministerial based or constituency based?

    In the last 2014 General election there is a lot of Modi's wave and the election is based on priministerial candidate's based. With Gujarat model development influence on the people, people mostly chosen Modi as their choice in choosing their candidate of their constituency. But at present we cannot see such wave anywhere in India. In my opinion this time people may chose candidate of the constituency on merit without thinking about priministerial candidate. So this elections will be quite different from last General election. This election may become a test for each and every candidate as they were not voted basing on either Modi or Rahul. Do you also think so?
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    The impact of National leaders either Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi on each constituency cannot be ruled out. But the percentage of impact is likely to be reduced considerably in the next general elections.

    As rightly pointed by the Author, the voter is likely to give more weightage to the performance of the candidate in each constituency than the popularity of the National leaders.

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    Both the factors will have its impact on voting. The atmosphere what we have witnessed in MLA elections is entirely different from what we are witnessing now. In MLA elections people talked more about the candidate. But now people are discussing more about the party. Many people whenever we talk about Congress they are referring to Rajiv and whenever we talk about BJP they are referring to Modi. It gives me a feeling that still the person who will be the PM after election will have a lot of impact on the voters.
    Many MPs who were not fared well for the party were denied by the party. New people are contesting from the same seats. Persons who can pull crowds and influence the people are being given prefer for seats allocation. As such the individual candidate will also play an important role in the outcome of the results.
    But everything depends on the mindset of the voter at the last moment.

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    Unfortunately the opposition parties are making this election as an issue of Modi vs them. This can anger the ordinary no-political people. They want their problems and issues to be discussed and solutions promised. The single point agenda of the opposition/ opposition alliance makes it convenient for the NDA to avoid all irritating questions and gives them an easy campaigning.
    So the opposition has made it appear as a Prime Ministerial base election. In that Modi definitely has an edge. Under his shade many inefficient BJP candidates also my get through. That will be opposition's contribution. Then NDA has to thank the opposition.

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    The local factor is always an important aspect in the elections and we have seen it time to time in the Panchayat or state level elections.

    This time the public will have to take some decision regarding their choice - whether it is the local candidate from whom they are expecting some plans to be executed or the national leader who seems to do a lot for them in consonance with the progress and growth of the country.

    So, this is a tricky situation and many gullible voters might not be able to decide this crucial thing. Voters are generally attracted to the short term goals and can be misled very easily with some assurances.

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