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    Comparing between working and non-working women is uncalled for, what do you say?

    I felt a bit disturbed after reading different opinions in one of the threads. I accept that everyone is free to have a viewpoint, but still, I want to raise a question. Why the members of ISC create a distinction between a working and a non-working woman?

    If a lady is working outside, then she has the right to take rest when she comes back from work, but the ladies at home do not require rest just because they are not earning through their continuous work at home.

    Someone remarked that in earlier days the ladies did not allow their husbands to enter kitchen which reflects love. On the other hand when the working ladies expect help from their husbands, then it becomes a command. Suppose the expectation does not get fulfilled then the ladies file for divorce. It is such a harsh accusation.

    Earlier it used to be a joint family where the daughter-in-law had the responsibility to look after every domestic chore along with nursing the aged people as well as taking care of children, be it a newborn or a bit old, and also attending to the guests. Wasn't that inhuman? The working ladies of the present era are living in nuclear family, and we talk about helping them which is good, but non-working ladies seem to be the scapegoat just because they don't go out to earn even in this age. I feel the opinion is ridiculous.

    Women, in general, must be cared and they deserve true love and respect because their contribution is enormous in every household. Comparing between working and non-working women is denying justice to them.
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    Comparison between two individuals is uncalled for. Comparison can't do justice to the qualities of each individual. Comparison between to women (working/non-working) is also uncalled for.
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    Working and Non-working of a woman has become compulsion because of the survival needs. The cost of living is on the increase particularly in cities. Unless both husband and wife work it would be difficult for the family to make ends meet. Unless , male member has sufficient earnings. In such circumstances , wife has a choice of going for a job or not. Woman takes more responsibility particularly in bringing up children. Therefore we need to salute a working woman.
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    I feel and appreciate that the author has raised an important, contemporary and thought-provoking post.

    Whether a woman is working outdoors or in the household we must give her same comfort and treatment and if we fail to do so it will be against the theory of equitable justice.

    The world is changing fast and new relations and dimensions are being created in the interpersonal dealings and behavior.

    In such a scenario, sticking to the orthodox thinking will be degrading and detrimental.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is a matter to be decide by the individual/family as per their situation,necessity and choice. Everything has its own plus and minus, benefits and disadvantages. Each activity has its own risks and opportunities. My spouse was employed when we got married. After some years we had to take a considered decision after proper discussion and evaluation, and she resigned. Now she is not in any gainful employment. But none of us regret that. We took its with us and managed when we both were employed and also take it smoothly and carry on when both of us are now not in a job.

    I would like to quote a Whatsapp message I received on Women's Day. It really impressed me.

    " All women are working everyday. Some get paid for that " That is the difference.

    What we have to do is to support and help them in whatever way possible, as a family or spouse. The help and support is mutual.

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    As far as I am concerned, I will not accept the word not working. Outside working and house making also many ladies will do. A profession will have holidays and retirement. But a house wife will have no retirement or she will not have any holidays. So we can't say a housewife is not a working lady.

    These days concept should be like whoever have time should work in the kitchen and other house works. In fact we should give some rest and weekly off. On that day she will enjoy the way she wanted. The family can go out for eating or other members should prepare food .

    During the week days also the other members should support the home maker and see that see will also have some help.

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    It is true that a housewife too a working lady. But how she works! She works with dedication, love and affection. She is not forced or compelled. She works in a relaxed manner. She does everything happily. She does it on her own interest and feels it as an honour to serve her husband and children. She feels good in maintaining the house. A housewife is a very happy wife on the earth. An employed wife may not be as happy as the housewife.
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    Some people differentiate between the working woman and a housewife but it is not in good taste.

    The woman is contributing a lot as a housewife and her contribution and potential are not to be undermined.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Humans, in general deserve care and love.
    And if a person is super stressed and blown out because of work, we need to let them rest.
    Lending hand to someone busy is one of the most fundamental things any social organism should do. So we must put our judging and ego aside to help our family.
    My mom works at home and works at school. She is totally exhausted at the day end. We sometimes complain that the lunch isn't impressive. But we know how hard it is for her to balance the work and taste at the same time. So we eat whatever she makes. We sometimes help her in household chores.
    Working or not working, women are what makes a family, a family.

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    Most men here are generally respectful of modern women. The person you are quoting has always been disrespectful of the women who claim their independence and an equal place in society. You can ignore those misogynistic comments and just feel sorry for their women family members of that author.

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    The author member you think and his family members always tell the truth whether it is old or modern or ultra modern, past or present or future. And no need to feel sorry for their women. They were never disrespectful of the women but always respected their women. There are people who feel bitter even if it is sweet.
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    Within a few days 2 women have already called you out on your sexist and misogynistic ideas. In your own little shell what you think might be true for you, but for most of the society those are reprehensible ideas. Working women who get the support of a good husband are far more happy that a woman stuck inside her house. If working outside made women unhappy they would not be participating in the work force in such large numbers. Marriage discussions between families many times don't work out if some family asks an educated modern women to leave her job after marriage.

    Anyhow, the truth is nothing will change your outdated thoughts and that's why I try to avoid responding your comments like these.

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    You are welcome to post your comments in general. But not to target and hit hard a member. You have the liberty to argue and discuss, but not to degrade a member or his family. I am true to myself, and you be true to yourself. I never criticize other members response. We have the right to put up our own thoughts. I may be old and outdated and you may be modern and updated. I need not go in your way, and you need not come in my way.

    I will be happy if you don't respond to my views and comments. You can avoid SuN totally.

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    Sometime I feel that some Members are not trying to understand the viewp[oint of Mr. suN. Or maybe he is intentionally heckled. Mr. SuN has stated in one of his responses: "It is true that a housewife too a working lady. But how she works! She works with dedication, love and affection. She is not forced or compelled".

    I don't think that the quoted comment is misogynistic in nature. We must not misinterpret others' comments based upon pre-conceived notion about a Member.

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    Well, I would request the members not to be personal. Let me clarify that there are comments made in some other thread which was derogatory. I started the thread to make it clear that the earning ladies and non-earning ladies must not be treated as competitors. Taking up a profession is a choice made by a lady does not mean that those ladies who opted not to work and earn are inferior to the working section. Both types of women should be respected, and males must extend help to all of them.

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