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    Why is basketball more popular in the United States of America?

    Basketball is very popular in the USA. The teams like Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors are few of the dominant teams of National Basket Ball Association [NBA]. Lebron, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, Steph Curry. Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Russell Westbrook are some of the star players of NBA.
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    There are some other games also in US which are popular but basket ball requires a small court and space which can be managed easily and does not require a big field and other paraphernalia.

    This could be one reason of its popularity. Another thing is once a game is popular in a country the sportsmen start associating with it and the companies also start giving it considerable revenue against the marketing and advertisements and the game starts to flourish further. It is a chain reaction and sky is the only limit.

    See the case of cricket in our country. Even a ordinary person will be able to tell so many things about the cricket that the listener will be surprised.

    When a country starts performing good in a particular game in olympics or other world level competitions then that also adds to its popularity.

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    Why Cricket is popular in India? This is due to the reason that the people of the country enjoy this game more and they like watching this game more. So the game will get a lot of revenue and it is good for the government has they will get good money. I think same is the case with basket ball in the US.

    The players who are doing a good job in the field will becom heroes for the people. So companies will offer huge amounts to these players and make them their brand ambassadors. That will give huge amounts to the players. This will make younger generations to get attracted towards that game.

    There are many other games which are popular in the US. Basketball is one of the popular games there.

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    I think Umesh has a point. A hoop and a basketball are all that is required. It can be set up in the backyard, indoors, outdoors...just about anywhere. Even if there is no space to run around with the basketball, just bouncing it and aiming for the hoop can be jolly good fun. I remember my school days, doing just that even when there wasn't a game on as such, enjoying the thrill of trying to Net it from different angles and different distances. There is also the fact that regular training camps are organized for those who are keen on taking up the sport as a career and university basketball scholarships offered for students. Let's not forget, too, that the sport has its roots in the USA itself and over the years its popularity has grown immensely.

    (Happy to see a sports' discussion other than cricket!)

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    Cricket is the contribution of British. Cricket is popular in colonial countries like India, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, Srilanka, Pakistan, Zimbabwe , Bangladesh. The popularity of Cricket in India has affected other sports. We need to encourage all games.
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    USA has a mixture of European and African American people. Dutch and the people of West African descent are very very tall. Their heights will be of good use in this particular game. That is how I like to view it because most players are of this descent.
    Baseball, American football and lacrosse etc are very popular in this part of the world. Americans like playing American games. They like being different. Basketball was invented there and they love it.

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    In simple, Basket ball is a tall people game. As Americans are generally tall, Basket ball suits them much.
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    It not about famous in continent or some country but its about interest about people in that country. Now for India Hockey is national game but people always love about Cricket. People in countries like US always prefer for games which more over focuses on Strength and also keep themselves fit. People in US, AUS always keep themselves fit and choose such games but in our country people choose games which will have less efforts compared which have less physical activity compared to games preferred by other countries.
    Take example of IPL, the way people take interest in such plays we indirectly allowing more people to chose game as option. Though we have Kabbadi, Hockey, Tennis tournaments people shows more interest towards cricket.
    So conclusion is its people's choice to make any game interesting or preferable for any nation.

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