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    Balance and invoice issues

    I logged in to my dashboard after a gap only to find that the clear balance in very less. I could not raise an invoice due to some reasons when asked in October 2018. Is there a technical issue to be resolved? Also I am not able to upload the invoice ISC-122456. Kindly look into the matter and advise.
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    The invoice is only to be raised when the amount reaches a significant value like say Rs 1000 or more or whatever minimum specified by the member in his payment settings.

    Whenever the cash credits exceed this threshold the monthly cash payment announcement post will tell you about this and ask you to submit an invoice. The invoice number will also be mentioned there which you have to enter in your invoice.

    There is no other way to submit an invoice to claim the cash credits in your account.

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    Dear Mr. Umesh,
    My first query is about all my balances getting vanished from the dashboard I. E. The dashboard is showing only rs. 57/-. Where is all my money going if I am not withdrawing?
    Secondly. I have also given the invoice no. Obviously the invoice no has been given by webmasters alongwith the amount. So I am clear on that. But I am not able to upload the invoice attachment. Kindly check it again.
    Error code: f123e1e7..........

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    I advise you to see the help topics in which there is a point regarding how to get payment from ISC. You can follow those instructions and you can upload the invoice.

    Once invoice number is given to you and cash payment is announced that amount will get deducted from your balance and the remaining balance only will be shown.

    My first payment is announced in 2009. But I uploaded my invoice in 2016 and received my payment. So you need not worry about that. Please carefully follow the instructions and upload the invoice.

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    Please go to dashboard. Select profile. Go to Gifts and Awards.

    Here you will see many line entries. Now scroll down and find the one mentioning cash payment. There you will see the amount and invoice number.

    Click on the invoice number and you will get the Input page for uploading the invoice.

    Make the invoice separately in the format and then upload it in this page.

    If it does not work give a request to the editors to check it.

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    Sharmistha Panda,

    Dr. Rao is correct. Once you are eligible for payment and the payment is put in at your profile account, automatically the balance will come down. So it is not that any cash credits have been just withdrawn from your profile account. It goes nowhere, really, other than getting converted into cash into your Bank account when you upload the invoice. Could you please try uploading the invoice again today and let us know if you are still having an error problem? Did you try to upload the invoice attachment in a format other than a simple Word doc? In case you are still having issues, it could be a technical problem and we will then inform the Webmasters to have it fixed.

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    No, I am still not able to upload. Sending the screenshot if the error message.

    Delete Attachment

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    Could finally upload the invoice now. Guess some technical issues existed. Thanks for the support Ms Vandana and Dr. Rao.

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    Happy to know the problem has been resolved! We'll keep this thread open for you, though, till you receive your payment so that if there is any further issue you can report it here itself.
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    Throughout my association with ISC, I have never noticed any such error message at the time of uploading invoice. I think the technical team of the website has now been able to fix the problem.
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    Glad to inform that I have received the payment against the invoice that troubled me so far. Thanks everyone. The thread CM be closed now.

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