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    Is work life balance still feasible?

    In the professional world, we might have heard a lot about work-life balance which means balancing work life in the office with family life. Many big companies are also promoting this to reduce employee stress.

    But question is that in this era of inflation, materialism, unemployment and cut-throat competition in the professional world, is work-life balance really possible without impacting professional growth? Work-life balance may seem very pleasant to hear but when it comes to reality and unless there is an extreme urgency, work priorities always take the upper hand on family priorities. A person may think that he or she will dedicatedly spend 8 to 9 hours in the office and then spend the remaining time with family and some people even do it. But nowadays people need to work more and more to give good performance and get promotions and salary hikes which in turn help their family to have a secure future and good life. To add to that person also needs to invest time other than their working hours to upgrade themselves on new areas and technologies because this is the need of the hour in this competitive age. All these things will ultimately benefit the family as they will get a comfortable life without any financial trouble.

    On the other hand, few people who think family life is equally important may not spend extra working hours in the office and take out time to upgrade themselves. Though they are gaining family time and are able to do things like sharing responsibility with spouse and helping kids in studies, they may lose out in professional and financial growth.

    In this age where earning money has become so important to live a comfortable life where should we draw the line between work life and family life? Is work-life balance slowly losing its significance?
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    The world is becoming more and more competitive day by day and people have to put those extra hours in their work if they want to get success in their career. This is becoming a common thing now and many of us might be sacrificing a good part of our life in that pursuit.

    Balancing work and life is the most difficult thing, as in the glory of success generally people forget about their personal life. We generally hear about the great politicians or leaders or officials in high place that they work for 18 hours a day and give only 4-5 hours to their sleep. It may look inspiring but they are losing a lot in their personal life and if we say that they have practically no personal life, it is no exaggeration.

    An ambitious and motivated person may sometimes fall in the trap of work alcoholism and find himself lost in the jungle of activities. It is very difficult for them to come back from such involvements as a large number of people will be waiting for them in various places for guidance and decisions.

    It is seen that the persons who are poor in delegating the responsibilities down the line are suffering with this syndrome of work alcoholism.

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    It is the individual who is responsible for this. He has to decide what he wants. Based on his desires and expectations from the family one has to decide what are the priorities for him. All the people struggle for the well being of the family. Taking so much stress and working for 18 hours a day is only to see that his family will be happy and his children will get all the comforts available on earth. Ultimately the person will end up with stress and strain only.

    So if we can have a limit to our desires and ambitions, we can enjoy our lives even with limited resources. People forget that what is the ultimate. Once your journey is over you will go alone and nothing will come with you. Whatever you earned will be here only and you will not be here.

    So please try to enjoy your life with family and try to be happy with whatever comforts you can get but don't be after comforts.

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    There is nothing like impossible in our life. The work life balance is in our hands. It goes out of hand when you become too ambitious in life. In a such a situation you tend comprise on work life balance.

    To achieve our ambitious objectives, we concentrate more on our career growth and look at getting better compensation. In the process we start neglecting our family.

    At the end of the day, we should introspect ask ourselves, what we need in this life. Happiness? or anything else. Its all in our hands.

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    Some people are workaholics and do not find time for their family or even for themselves.

    These people sometimes sacrifice their health also while pursuing the career. In the excitement of the success in life they give more time to their work and less to their personal life.

    Few people are able to make a balance between work and personal life.

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    There are every possibilities to maintain balance between work assigned to any one and the family life. Such a healthy maintenance is desirable to keep one fit in both mental and physical level. However, the trouble starts when such an equilibrium is distorted either due to over attachment with the work or lack of staff to carry out such jobs. The other reason may be due to displaying efficiency and smartness before the employer in order to grab the faster promotion. Once such an infatuation with the work develops, there is hardly any possibility to retract back. The man would definitely enjoy promotion bu at the cost of ruining his family - life. He may loose the proximity of his wife and his lovable kids.

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    The present work scenario is a tough one. First of all, the offices are giving their staffs a laptop and in return buy their family time too. The job in an MNC or any other private company is very taxing.
    It is not only about personal growth, but when a person is responsible for a particular task, then one cannot ignore it. Delaying the work will bring in hassle for the company and the management will not accept it. The employment scenario is so bad in our country that the employees will never take a chance because that may lead to sacking and no one would prefer to be unemployed.
    My opinion is when a respectable job is extremely needed then one has to compromise a bit. The adjustment becomes easy when the family back home understands the matter and extends wholehearted support. Very few people are there who would not like to spend time with their family, but the rest who love their family will try to squeeze out some time for spending quality time with their family. Naturally, when the pressure of work would be less, then one can easily enjoy time with their family.


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