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    Are our outings meant for our own enjoyment or for showing others?

    In the past when people used to go out with their family for an outing, vacation, movie, lunch/dinner, shopping etc it was purely for their own satisfaction and for family enjoyment and relaxation.

    But nowadays things have changed a lot. More than personal satisfaction and enjoyment few people consider it more important to do a show business and let others know what they are doing. This is where social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp come to their help. Wherever such people go they get immense pleasure in taking photos and sharing with others instantly, giving minute by minute status updates like “Enjoying delicious Pizza at Dominos", “Just checked into xyz resort" etc. They get satisfaction when people reply with comments like Great!, Enjoy yourself! etc. In case if they are unable to do these things when they feel that there is no significance of their going out as others do not know about it.

    Is it really that important to give continuous updates to others on where we are going and what we are doing? Shouldn't we do things more for our satisfaction and enjoyment rather than for others?
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    Very interesting post by the author. Outing or outdoor activities are generally liked by most of the people though there are some who due to various personal reasons and traits do not go out until unless it is unavoidable.

    Going to a new place, sightseeing, a new type of market, a different culture and society, the picturesque locales, they all attract people and that is on which todays tourism is harping.

    In fact it gives a new lease of life when you visit new places and experience the life there. Your perception of things widen and the thinking process starts working on a bigger canvass.

    The other part of story related to show off business is also true to some extent as people take this opportunity to tell their friends and relatives that they have also reached the spot and as a proof of it they start sending the photographs etc or upload them in social media.

    One of my friend is currently on a visit to some countries in one go and we are seeing his pictures in face book with captions telling about the place and the country. So he is sharing his travelogue with others. Now whether it is show off or just a social media activity it is difficult to decipher but people are doing it in a more or less routinely.

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    It is very true. Many people want to advertise what they are doing and want to show that they are very rich Nd can spend any much of amount. The outings are mainly to see that you will enjoy your life with your family members without any other disturbances. But there are also if one is busy with his mobile, the very purpose of your outing is lost.

    These days where ever we see people wil be busy with their cellphones and they will be doing something or other on their phones. This attitude is of no use. Enjoy the time in outing.

    Going out is very important for releasing our stress and strain and to have some peace of mind. So one should see that this purpose is served.

    Coming to postings on social media I feel is not for show put up. It is a habit. People like to share their experiences with all their friends. It may not be to show that they are great. It gives them happiness and that is why people share these things on the social media.

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    There is no doubt that outings are for family enjoyment. It gives a break from your routine, and provide refreshment and relaxation. Rich , spend huge money by selecting a destination for their outings abroad.

    Yes, one way, family members boast their trip abroad saying we have visited so and so place during the vacation. It is a matter of pride for them. But the basic question here is , what is the purpose of our outing.

    For me and my family our native village is the best place in the world for outing. The enjoyment and happiness we derive during our visit to our ancestral house at our rural village cannot explained in words. We refresh the memory of our childhood days. It is a beautiful feeling when you see a grown up tree which you have planted. Like wise there are many such lovely moments you recollect from the past memory.

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    Most of the people will be happy for outings and picnics. Very few having some health reasons or physical disability may think otherwise.

    Today social media has become an integral factor of our life and whether we are doing it for show off or just for fun, the pictures of the outings are immediately uploaded in the media.

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    For me, I go for outings just because I like visiting new places and see the culture of that place. I dont have anything in mind to show off it to the people. If I have the budget to visit the place I go otherwise not. Yes, there are people who just show off that they are going through the flight to visit a place. Recently sister if my wife is going to Port Blair through the air. She is sitting in the aeroplane for the first time in her life and she has advertised it everywhere that she going through the air just to show that she has money and she is going to travel through the aeroplane. I was surprised when she put the ticket as a status on her WhatsApp. Its pity why we have such people. What do they get by showing off to the people? Maybe they feel happy by making people jealous of them.

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    Outing to a local place is the best option to relieve your stress and feel rejuvenated and show-off can be avoided whatsoever the people feel. It is a nice thing to travel to some near picnic destination for some soul searching and fresh air. It really lifts your soul.

    Most people visit places to show-off they can go anywhere and try to impress people. This bragging is not needed. You are visiting some picnic spot is fine but showing pride in it is downgrading the whole thing. Even if some people are not traveling out of pride they will still keep their status on social media as "traveling". For show-off, they are showing off their sycophancy.

    Travel or outing to a local or some far places should be to enjoy and get some breather from the daily routine chores. Resting social media would be a better thing during these trips. Mesmerize yourself in natural beauty and invigorate your strength during an outing.

    However, those who are working on blogs or other travel projects, it's ok to capture some beautiful moments for work but show-off is never encouraged!

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    I go for outing for my personal and family satisfaction only. Though I take pictures , I keep them for rewinding memories and reference. I do not put my personal photos or status in social media. In fact I am not at all active in any major social media sites. Even though I am having whatsapp account, I do not put my personal pics in public in a group. I may share a few in one-to-one basis with very close relatives and friends for who that may be relevant.

    Family outings are occasions when all the members are together all the time. In day to day routine it may not be possible. I had mentioned this n many earlier occasions also.

    So though people post tour pis in public in social sites, I do not think that al are doing outing for publicity. Many really enjoy such outings and relish such occasions. Last month, myself and my wife participated in a one-day family outing of a retirees group in which I am member. It was a real enjoyment with people of same generation, similar tastes, experience and memories. Of course, a few members were posting the pictures then and there sharing in various groups and social media sites. But every one really enjoyed the outing.

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    I always feel that what is the need to let people know about one's whereabouts as well as private gatherings. I am not sure that it's show off or not, but undoubtedly it's unwanted. Other than the close family members and good friends there is no need to disclose our plans and programmes.
    People, nowadays, are interested in the number of likes from virtual friends which in real life has no meaning. Still, people are fond of it that means to an extent they want appreciation from unknown people and also from extended relationships.
    In this regard, I am an outdated person. I do not share much on social media, and I love it.


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