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    Which one you like - a mediocre friend or an intelligent friend?

    We all have friends. They are required to satisfy our gregarious needs and fighting the isolation. It is said that friends are chosen by a person and at the same time a person is known by the company he keeps.

    One will have different types of friends. Some of them will be mediocre ordinary persons most of the time agreeing with you with a cordial note and you may like them. At the same time some will be very intelligent and critical and always tell you something which might be correct but not palatable to you and in long run you may start a disliking for their critical and aggressive behaviour.

    Anyway, friendship is friendship and people carry it for long times.

    Given a choice which category will you prefer, the cordial ones or the critics?
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    A friend is one whom we have to accept with all his virtues and vices. The question of a mediocre or intelligent friend does not arise. If at all we are having any preferences with regard to friendship. then it is not a friendship but an acquaintance we are making. I prefer to accept my friends without any reservations.
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    A person can be a good friend, if he can be a critic when required and he can be cordial when required. He should be complimentary to the friend,

    If you are sitting in a group of people who are taking alcohol and even you are taking only fruit juice also, people will think that you are also taking alcohol. It is true that we will be identified based on our friends.

    A good friend will always wants you to be well and wants you to be always happy. If you are in trouble he will help you in coming out of that trouble. If you are doing a mistake he should correct you and tell you that what you are doing is a mistake and should help you in rectifying yourself.

    I always try to be friendly with people who will be having a similar attitude like me. I will be trying to select people whose profile is similar to me and where the ideas match.

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    As truly said a friend in need is a friend indeed. We cannot judge a friend by his qualification, intelligence or wealth. A true friend is always with you when you are in trouble. There are friends who will be part of your happiness. There are friends who may miss your happy occasions but they will not let you down when you are in problems. That's strength of friendship.
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    A good friend is like a life long treasure. We can talk to him, we can confide in him and we can trust him. A good friend is the source of perpetual joy.

    It takes time in the identification of good friends but once it is done they will be there to stay and make our life happy and meaningful.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There is a lot of conflicting text in the main thread. The title talks about mediocre vs intelligent and the text speaks of cordial friends vs critical ones. Exactly what is this discussion about? If it is the first one, I would say that are you going to set parameters about how your friend is? How would you define "mediocre" and "intelligent" in the first place? A person who has nothing much to say and you have one-sided conversations may be considered mediocre but you would not necessarily shun such a friendship. A person who has a finger on the current happenings and converses in a smart way may be considered intelligent and great to have a friendship with, but when it matters most and this so-called intelligent person is not there to support you, what kind of friendship would it be?

    Same with being cordial and critical - how do you set these as a base for friendships? Would you stay away from a friend who is bold enough to tell you what is what and stay with one who only pampers and flatters you?

    It is hard, really, to say why one develops a friendship. It may not even start with a common interest in something. It may start with just a simple hello, sitting next to each other on a bus and an immediate liking for each other. This is just an interaction. The friendship comes later, when you meet, talk some more, make tentative steps into knowing each other and when trust and mutual understanding sets in, then the friendship can blossom. So make a friendship without expectations and accept a friend with no adjectives. Then only you can cherish it, perhaps it being a lifelong one.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    For me, Mediocre or intelligent friends are not that much important. I would like to have a friend who is the pillar of strength for me, one who can share joy and happiness, and one who can share my grief and sorrow. When a friend is a real friend, he shares all such feelings. And I don't endorse the one with critical behavior.

    I think friendship is not based on mediocrity or intelligence, it is based on likings and it is a feeling to feel the warmth of love from a friend for you. You love someone unconditionally.

    Friendship is a Source of strength that can wipe your sorrow and gloom, and make you a happy man!

    Making friends just by Hi, Hello can't be real friends. It takes some time to understand a person and bond of love naturally arises between two friends.

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    A friend has to be honest and caring. It doesn't matter that the friend is of a mediocre standard or an intelligent person. One can manage it quite smartly, but the friend has to be such a person upon whom one can trust and depend without fear of being harmed.
    I love to have a witty friend and who have instant replies to any statement. It does not mean that the friends who lack the wit or do not reply instantly are bad friends. Attitude and nature differ, but the most important quality is honesty. If there is honesty and is harmless then nothing like it.


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    Friendship depends on the spirit of co-operation, give & take, fellow-feeling, sacrifice, empathy and standing beside each other at the time of crisis. Mediocrity or intelligence is not the deciding factor for true friendship.

    This is my personal opinion.

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