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    Mini bus and customer relationship management

    A couple of months ago, I had been to a temple town. The nearest bigger town is around ten kilometers away and is called Kumbakonam. This is also called the town of temples. At least one hundred temples within a radius of around ten kilometers. The number of foreign tourists who visit these temples is increasing day after day.

    Be that as it may, my travel by a mini private bus was simply a great learning experience. The driver and the conductor knew every single vendor by name. At around 5.30AM in the morning, the vendors had vegetables, fish, seven varieties of spinach, eggs, fruits and even huge quantities of banana leaves. The driver would meticulously stop the bus at points where each vendor would get down. A co-passenger said that since it was a marriage day, the banana leaves were in huge demand and would reach the villages where the weddings were held. The entire stretch was fabulously green and the conductor later told me that at least twenty thousand rupees would change hands within ninety minutes!!! He also told me that there were at least six more minibusses that would have the vendors.

    Simply amazing, to say the least. Customer relationship management was superb. The passengers also seemed regular and were happily chatting with the customer. Lessons for any MBA student, for sure!! Have Members seen and experienced this kind of customer relationship management?
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    Yes. That type of experience I had in 1980s. I was staying in a village near a big town . Daily I was going to the town for my education. From that village there was only one private bus. Fixed timings. The village people take the items to sell the items in the city. The conductor and driver can identify all the people who will get into the bus and where they will get down. So the driver used to stop the vehicle at the places where each vendor will get down. The passengers know the names of the driver and conductor. They know the names of all the passengers also. They used to be friendly with all the passengers.
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    Customer relationship is most of the important aspect in a business. The business thrives on the premises of good and cordial relations.

    Generally in such a situation which is detailed by the author in his post, there is a win-win situation for the driver as well as the vendor.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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