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    Poaching, loyalty, alliances - standard ingredients in an election recipe!

    Whenever there are elections just around the corner, the flurry of activities behind the scenes peaks. It is not just about marketing gimmicks and drafting manifestos, of campaigns and rallies, of barbs and taunts. Right in the thick of things is the attempt to poach - snatching key party members from an opponent's party and inducting them in one's own. Maybe tough when somebody is staunchly loyal; but perhaps it is easy to lure someone with a promise of a ticket to a prime constituency and even a major portfolio in the government if the election is won. Then there are the hushed meetings behind closed doors between party leaders and their main administrators, about fruitful management of an alliance before elections and after the results, too, if required, to form the government.

    What do you think of all this 'mirch-masala'? A delectable recipe or just the usual farce?!
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    This has become the order of the day. We are not able to understand who is in which party and who is contesting from which party. In Andhra Pradesh in a family wife is contesting from BJP and her husband is contesting on YSRCP ticket. Just before the elections only he joined YSRCP.
    In Telangana, the situation is very bad. 9 MLAs who won MLA elections on Congress ticket resigned to the party and joined TRS. They are still MLAs only. They have not resigned for that. The ruling party I think don't want any debate or discussion on any point in the Assembly. These MLAs are offered either Minister post or MP ticket to some of his family members.
    This is all a power game. These days there are no ethics or values in politics. Ultimate is power. For me, it is never a delectable recipe. It is just the usual farce.

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    Politicians in the present day politics do not follow any ideology or loyalty to any political party. Every politicians aspire to become MLA, MP and Minister by hook or crook. No one has patience to wait . Person Who do not get seat in one party will immediately switch over to another party.

    A person who spoke about scandals of another party joins them next day and he has in store lots of good words for them to praise. This has become order of the day in politics. The politicians are making fool of voters and making mockery of democracy. It is high time that Government bring in legislation to curb such happenings.

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    History is full of such instances of changing sides, leaving loyalty for some quick gains, breaking affiliations and creating new equations. Politics is like a war and the saying goes that everything is correct in love and war.

    The lure of power and position can change even an otherwise honest man. Moving in the corridors of power is a big excitement and once a person has tasted that it is difficult to get detached from it until there are compelling reasons to do so.

    Some opportunist leaders take advantage of both the worlds by changing sides quickly and smartly and the ones who think it unethical just sit back and see their rise in the new set up. So it is not today that it is happening in politics. It is an old age game and those who know it adopt it in the most obvious ways.

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    Our great friend Tom Vadakan, who served Gandhi family for 20 long years as Congress media spokesman, joined BJP on fine morning stating that
    1) He was deeply hurt by Congress Party's stand on Balakot attack.
    2) Congress is Dynastic Party
    3) Use and throw policy.
    Congress President Rahul Gandhi saying that he is not a great leader. If that is the case, why he kept him for so long years as his family's confidante?
    In this Election festival season, many leaders are on sale…some are offering heavy discount also…

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    This happens when democracy is immature. Although we think that Indian democracy is very mature, in actuality, the converse is by and large true. Till such time the democracy gets matured and people start believing in ideology-based politics, poaching, party-hopping, taking/giving bribe to vote, etc. will continue.
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