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    He is managing with that amount only

    Long long back, just after 8th November 2016 demonetization, the great leader withdrew Rs. 2000/- from the ATM. We, the common people, watched the photo/snap in the newspapers and periodicals. Thereafter, we have never seen him in front of or inside an ATM. This means that he has been managing with that amount till now.

    That is the precise reason why the declared asset of Shri Rahul Gandhi, the President of Congress Party, has increased from Rs. 55 lakhs in 2014 to Rs. 9 crores in 2019. All of us must try to learn how to manage with Rs. 2000/- for at least two years.
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    If someone requests him to clarify he will tell that he is doing everything online.

    Today many people are transacting online except paying cash for milkman, maid and laundry.

    There might be some other agenda behind that ATM withdrawal which is beyond our comprehension.

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    Political gimmick is quite common with the political parties. These days Political parties hire professionals to advise them about the content for their drama and statements to Media. Everyone knows the income level of each candidate. How much they declare Officially during the elections and how much they worth illegally.

    There are politicians who were doing menial jobs before coming to politics. Now they are multi millionaires. What is their source of their income?. It's a gospel truth. The only means for them is corruption. But they are scot free. Whereas a salaries person with low salary required to pay Income Tax and in the event of non-payment, penal action will be taken against them.

    Why can't the Government bring in legislation to take action against the corrupt politicians?

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    It is a well known fact that politician show or declare their income boldly with the supporting documents which are very legal in their nature.

    There are many cases lodged on the politicians for having more wealth than their income or hereditary property but most of the time they are scot free.

    The lawyers will prepare the supporting document in best of the deceptive ways forcing the courts to acquit the culprits.

    For example, they will show the agricultural income on very high side. It is interesting to note that when farmers are reporting a low production per acre of their land these politician are showing bumper crop even in the drought hit areas and as per the standard of production shown by them from their agricultural land, the Indian farmer can not be a poor man.

    The case of Jayalalita, CM of Tamilnadu is well known where the lawyers proved that she had a white property of Rs 580 crores.

    It only happens in politics that a person having a few rupees in hand becomes a person having crores after winning the election.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If 55 Lakhs can give birth to 9 crores within 5 years, let us calculate how a rupee performs. After working out, I find that Rs. 1/- gave birth to Rs. 50000/- every day. It is quick money. How could he manage to get it? What is his source of income? How much tax was paid by RG? If we go back to see his asset, he possessed only Rs. 11 Lakhs in 2009, and only Rs. 2.20 lakhs in the year 2004. Wah! How the money grows! I think he has money yielding trees at his backyard. Mr. MMS must be caring it.
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    This is q question which can't be answered by anyone except the person who declared or his Lawyer can only tell. the assests of Rahul Gandhi are Rs. 55 lakhs in 2014. Now it is Rs.9 crores in 19. It gives an average earning of about almost 1.8 crores per annum he earned. What the source of Income we don't know.
    This time many of the politicians are showing in multiples of crores of rupees as their income. Earlier days they were showing only small amounts as their assests. But now because of online transactions and demonetisation, many leaders were forced to declare their assests properly. That is why the levels of all the politicians grew very high with his 5 years. Now the IT department should ask them the source of Income and find out how much they are sincere in paying the tax to the government. The corrupt practices of all political leaders are slowly coming out and I think slowly it will become tough for them also. However the IT department is very rigid on common man but not on political leaders, I think.

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