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    Did ancients know about timezones

    Humans have been sailing from ages. And we have always had a mechanism to measure time. And the remains of ships from ancient times have a sundial type machine. But time isn't always measured using mechanics. Bushmen of Africa have been using their fingers to know time in hours for thousands of years. So we can all agree that we humans navigated a lot and saw time a lot. So can we agree that humans must have come across this weird phenomena called timezones?
    Now this question sounds stupid because ships took months to reach another country and timezones were too spread out for people from smaller countries to notice. But what about Arabs? They travelled the extreme east in search of goods and spices. Didn't they notice that they are sometimes a few hours earlier that they must have been?
    Were their time systems efficient enough to show this lapse of time because of timezones?
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    In the ancient days, there are no facilities for people to move fast around and reach unknown places. The distances they are travelling are so less as the question of time zones or difference in timings are not noticed by them. This concept was not very important for them those days.
    The main requirement for the adoption of time zones in the US was due to the development of transcontinental railroads. Because of this People started moving fast and far. Then only the difference between noon in one place and noon in another place started to matter. The 16th century is the time in which the concept of Time Zones came to light.
    The navigators exploring new lands wanted a way to figure out the distances they have travelled far east or west. They understood that by accurately observing the timing of specific predictable celestial phenomena and then comparing that time of the event to the time at which that should happen at a given point would allow them to know the longitude. This is not a very accurate method but in practice till the invention of accurate portable chronometers

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    A very interesting query by the author and we have to go back in the History to answer this.

    In olden times the means of travelling were very slow. Eve the armies moved with a very very slow pace only to conquer a few of the villages while invading other kingdoms.

    There was no way to know that people live in different time zone. Everyone across the globe thought that it is same sun position everywhere.

    With the scientific advancement it was realised that it was not so and there was a need to fix the time gap between the countries otherwise an event which happened in the morning in India will be thought to have happened in the US after 12 hours and it will be very misleading. So the concept of time zone came into existence and it was officially fixed what will be the difference between the two countries ignoring the width of a country which itself sometimes produce this time difference and countries like US have different time zones within their country.

    Now an event happens and is recognised happening at different local times as per the local time of different countries and by knowing the difference between the two countries we can find the exact time of the event.

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    In 1929, a group of historians found an amazing map drawn in gazelle skin. This map is found to be an extremely interesting evidence of intelligence human life existed and flourished way before we ever thought it did. The research showed that the map was drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis,a famous admiral of Turkish fleet in the sixteenth century. The map was disclosed in the public domain by US military intelligence some years before. Now the map is available in the internet (Piri Reis maps) and those who are interested can google it and do further research on the subject.
    The map is really baffling particularly at the Antarctica region without ice caps, full of land mass.

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    As I have read, ancients used the local time only. In those times there was not a need of time difference between the places as that was not known.

    The technology was not there and it took months to reach another country and the gradual change in local time was beyond comprehension.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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