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    Live in mother Country with self respect or live in a Country where we can earn more money

    There is a trend among younger generation to pursue higher studies abroad and later look for employment in the same Country. I have also come across many students who go for higher studies abroad take up part time jobs on malls as Salesmen or Sales Girls to meet their expenses. Whereas the same students while studying in India consider working in malls in India as below their dignity. Are we not tarnishing the image of our Country abroad?.

    Country spends hiuge amount of money on educational Institutions like IIM's, IIT's and NIT's. It is very sad to note that majority of the students passed out of these premier Institutes take up job abroad. Very few remain in our Country. Why do these students take up job abroad and work for the foriegn Companies. Why not they work for Reasearch organisations of our Country.

    Most of the people in India take it as a pride in announcing that their children secured green card from US. Should we not get pride our children working in India in the Civil services, Defence and other reaserch organisations , instead of becoming second citizen in some other Country.
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    A very nice thought. I agree 100% with the author. The Government is taking out the cream from the available students and sending them to study at IIMs, IITs, NITs and other prestigious institutions in the country. the Government is spending huge money on these people. Unfortunately, many of these students will migrate to other countries after completing their studies here. I think the government should take an undertaking from the students before giving them a seat in these institutes that they will serve for a minimum period of 5 years before they travel abroad and settle there.
    Another problem noticed is the encouragement to the students who are really worth is very less in our country and the facilities available for them to conduct research in our country are also less. A scientist from Tamilnadu settled in the USA got Noble prize some time ago. When the reporters asked him why he left India, he said that the infrastructure here in India for research is not so advanced and he also mentioned that he might not have got Nobel prize if he had settled in India.

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    Money is an important factor and if we have good relations with a particular country there is no apprehension in going there and earning money.

    In fact many countries where population is less, welcome the people from outside as these people help them in increasing production and delivering services.

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    I think there is nothing wrong in going to some other country to pursue studies and earn money as long as the facilities you are looking for are not available in our country. As for salesman jobs are concerned, we have enough positions and jobs related to it and going to some other country for the same job is nothing but show-off to impress people back home. We should avoid such an attitude.

    However, if one feels, in some particular field I am getting better opportunities and better careers option in some other country, there is no problem grabbing that opportunity and excel in that field. If that gives you satisfaction in your life and you feel that is really what you have been yearning for, it is fine! And it should not be for pride and show-off or considering your fellow citizens down and less important.

    For some other jobs that are available in the country, one should have no problem in doing such jobs here in our own country, instead of going to some other country for the same jobs. There is no insult or feeling down for the job that you can do with pride in other country but in your own country, you fell offended.

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    Students passing out from IIT, IIM or through the NIT should consider the quantum of expense meted out by the government for the entire duration of the course. Of course, the students pay fees for such courses but the fees are heavily discounted for their benifits. They are ultimately absorbed in premiur organisations later on in our country and with the progress of time, they opt for foreign countries for continuance of the technical jobs resulting in substantial loss of the government by way of the concession they availed off during the study period.
    There seem to be two factors regarding their exodus firstly the fat pay - packets being offered to these talented students in USA, Germany etc and secondly their potentials are recognised in the true extent. They are encouraged to sustain Research - work in their respective lines where as such facilities are hardly available in our country. However, it would be better if they could offer their service in India where there is abundant scopes for such youths to offer technical expertise for the welfare of the country.

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    I find this a specious argument.

    Everyone looks for greener pastures, as per their capacity and capability. Why single out those who go overseas for higher studies. Don't people from villages and small towns move to bigger cities for a better future? How many give back to society? How many go back and work for the upliftment of others in their communities? How many actually aid in the improvement of infrastructure in schools where they studied?

    Do you know that the IIT and NIT alumina make huge donations and fund projects and sponsor various associations and events? NIT Trichy 'officially' seeks contributions from its alumina. My daughter is alumina of NIT, and I know the kind of work the alumni do, behind the scenes.

    No job is small. There is dignity in labour. How do students tarnish the image of our country by working part-time? We need to broaden our thinking.

    Are IIMs funded by the government? They don't receive government funding, is what I know.

    A certain kind of aptitude is required to get into research. Not everyone is cut out for it. Similarly, not everyone may have an interest in joining the civil services or the defence force. One cannot just enrol and join the Armed Forces – there is a panel, that decides whether one is fit for the services or not. Moreover, why should anyone have to work in a profession or organisation because of a few who think that they must? Should it not be a personal choice? As a matter of fact, I personally know several commissioned officers who graduated from IITs and NITs.

    Such threads undermine the contributions of others in the field of research, civil services and the military.

    Let's respect the choices people make. We are nobody to question the sincerity of others.

    I'll respond to parents taking pride in my next post.

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    I am one of those parents who takes pride in the fact that my child is working abroad.

    The sense of pride comes from the fact that she achieved everything on her own steam, based purely on merit – without depending on quota, bribery or recommendations.

    Let me break it down for you. Getting admission to a foreign university is no joke. I am of course talking about top-ranked universities. The candidates need an excellent academic record and have to qualify the rigorous selection processes, which include essays, SOP, interviews, answering questionnaires etc.

    The real challenge begins when the candidate starts the course. They find themselves in a foreign land, pitted against the best from across the globe. My daughter was the youngest MBA candidate, in a class of 176 international students, some of who were CEOs of companies. Some had finished undergrad studies in the year she was born. So, I surely have a lot to be proud of.

    Getting a job abroad isn't easy, either. You can apply only to companies that have a license to employ foreigners. The companies have to prove that they couldn't find suitable candidates, in the home country, before they can employ an international candidate. The selection process is tough and takes a series of tests and interviews, which go on for months. And then there's the work visa to be obtained. The UK, where my daughter is employed, has a rule about a minimum wage that an MBA should earn, in order to get a work visa. She achieved all this with Brexit looming, why should I not be proud?

    Parents have every right to take pride in their children because their children go through challenges, to prove their mettle. We, as a nation, should be proud of the achievements of our children. These children make India shine in a global arena.

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    There is difference between first citizen and second citizen. We derive satisfaction and self respect being in India. We cannot blame our children. We parents are molding our children as per our wish and choices. We want our children to shine in India and prove their worth to the world, instead of pledging their talent to a Company abroad.
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