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    After having spent 2923 days, stepping into my glorious 9th year at ISC

    My dear ISC and fellow ISCian,

    I am very proud of being a senior Platinum member of ISC. After having spent 2923 days(Eight years), today I am stepping into the first day of my Ninth year.

    I joined ISC on 24th March 2011. Received many awards, prizes and badges to my credit. ISC helped me to enhance my English writing skill. I was successful in all my attempts.

    I will continue to serve at ISC until I take my last breath.

    Long live ISC.

    Jai Hind.
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    Congratulations to Mr. SuN for completing eight glorious years with this glorious Website. I hope that his ninth year would be much more productive than previous one-two year(s).
    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    Mr SUN, congratulations to you for completing 8 years on this site and entering into your 9th year. Very few people might have lost so long on this site. Your posts and contributions are good and I appreciate your way of expression. I hope you will continue your good work and will win many more awards, prizes and badges. Your contributions are very good and we are all learning many things about our epics through your recent posts. I wish you all the best in the coming days.
    always confident

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    With the advent of internet many sites came into existence attracting lakhs and millions of people to it for various activities like chatting, social media, creative writing, information hunting and many such things.

    This was really a great opportunity for the people to get a place not only for passing the time in fun and game activities but also in serious creative writing and information exchange.

    As there were a plethora of these sites people moved from one to another in a relentless pursuit of surfing and enjoying the ocean of information and knowledge.

    So, it was the usual thing and we all were associated with those sites for one reason or another.

    What is outstanding and illustrious is to stay at one site for a long time and in this case it is 8 years.

    I really appreciate the sustained association of the author with this educational and knowledge dissemination site for such a long time.

    Great and keep it up. All the best.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Congratulations for sustained contribution which will enrich others.

    All the best.

    "If you don’t understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    It is really great to observe that members are associated for such a long time. It really requires a lot of persistence and patience.

    I congratulate the member on this achievement and wish him more such innings in ISC.

    A commendable thing so far and all the best for the future journey here.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In my earlier response, I forgot to mention that during Mr. SuN's association with ISC, there have been three lip-years so far.
    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    Mr Partha,
    Which are those three (3) leap years during my association with ISC from 2011 to 2019? I could cross only two (2) leap years viz 2012 and 2016.

    Are they Lip-years or Leap years?

    No life without Sun

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    Mr. SuN: Sincere thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. It is leap year. And yes, you have spent only two leap years with ISC.

    It is now crystal clear that I am getting old and senile.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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    Congratulations. SuN, for completing eight years with ISC.

    It was, and is, nice to have your camaraderie and company in ISC forum.
    Best Wishes for many more fruitful years of association with ISC.

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    Many congratulations SuN on your successful completion of eight long years with ISC!

    There is no doubt that you are one of the most valuable members here. Actually, I feel that our newer members should consider you as a role model. I say so because you have had differences with some members, editors and even with the admin at times and you were frank with your opinions but you always made it clear that you are part and parcel of this wonderful site and directly or indirectly made it a point that if ISC is what it is today, you too had a role to play. Kudos to you for that attitude.

    I wish you many more innings here and do really hope to be associated with veterans like you for a long time too! All the very best!

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Congrats for you SUN. I also crossed 10 + years in this site. I am active here.

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