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    Why have the celebrities or cine stars more chances of winning in elections?

    We have witnessed during many elections that the famous cine stars or celebrities generally win the election.

    On the other hand the political leaders do a lot of efforts, cobduct rallies and meetings to woo the public and even after that hard work there is no surety of their winning.

    The cine stars simply go to the public, smile and talk some sweet things and win in the election.

    Is it the charm and the fan following that works in such cases? What can be the reason for that in your opinion? Please share your thoughts.
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    Although many people say otherwise, in actuality, Indian democracy is still not mature. People still vote considering the reel image of film stars. People still vote for an apolitical son/daughter thinking about his/her politician father.

    So, the celebrities or scions of dynasties have a better chance to win elections.

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    Time has changed. We cannot go by the era of NTR or MGR. People may assemble in more numbers to have a glimpse of the cine stars during the public rally. But it should not be construed and counted as votes.
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    Many of the Indian voters will never know the importance of a vote. Many people go for voting and vote for a person whom he likes for his acting skills. The voter never thinks whether this actor will be useful in politics or not they don't know.

    Many students who crossed their 18 years and still in studies or trying for a job are also in some illusions and they think that we should vote for this actor as he is my favourite hero. This weakness is only making life easy for cine actors and celebrities to come up in politics. Many of the Southern States are very famous for this.

    Another problem is that the voters will easily forget the issues. What are the promises made by a political leader and how many out of that are fulfilled, is also not analysed by a voter? They will simply go by what the leader of that area says as per that they will vote.

    That is the reason the family ruling in India is still remaining. In the name of democracy, the voting power has been given to all people who never think about long benefits but concentrate more on what they get on the election day or one day before the elections. This tendency should go. Then only a true leader will come and sustain in Indian politics.

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    I have slightly a different point of view here wherein it's not a celebrity status but a brand name that works somehow. If being celebrity was the case here than the politics would have been filled with Bollywood stars but fortunately this is not the case.

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    Celebrities are famous personalities who won the hearts of people by their apt display of skills. Celebrities are the abode of attraction. They easily attract people and they can't stay behind to applaud the performance or acting of the cine stars. People get fascinated by glamour and celebrities get a flow of love and sympathy easily, which is not the case with the politicians. Politicians look for expediency to woo voters and look for different opportunities to win the elections.

    Celebrities have a plus point. They already have a fan following and they just need a call to for vote and people run for it though this may not be the case all the time. But celebrities are expected of this advantage, that is the reason political parties look for some great star from glamorous industries or cine stars to attract voter towards the party. This is an easy tool that political parties have found.

    But the importance of a vote is much more than running after a celebrity. The vote is precious. It can give us the bright future, a better leader for our country who can run the helm of affairs of our country. We should carefully vote without getting swayed by emotion to a person worth the vote. We are heading for election choose for your leader best in quality and better in character. Caring and sympathetic. Celebrities does not matter, what matters is your vote to who do you feel worth the vote.

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    Cine stars, cricketers, sportsmen etc are popular and people know them. Hence they need no introduction . Many people also consider them as icons and have some kind of hero worship on them. So when they stand for elections, they need not do much to introduce themselves. The campaign is more easy.

    Unlike the political leaders who do not come to their constituency after elected, the cine stars and other celebrities are always seen everyday in TV screens, various sites in smartphone internet, newspapers and magazine, inaugurations of showrooms , malls, or other events etc. People have seen them in many charity events and sponsorship. So people feel they are close to them too.

    The only thing they(celebrities and stars) need is to enforce the already present idol about them in people's minds and make the people believe what they promise or offer about future and make people have faith and vote for them.
    People also feel that as the celebrities are earning huge amount of money otherwise, they may not be corrupt .

    It is now a fact that a state like Kerala - where film stars were not able to succeed in politics or elections- have started electing film stars to Parliament or legislative assembly. So the title questions gets a positive answer .

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