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    Have you seen the flower sellers?

    In most of South India, one can find flower sellers who would knock at your door and check if you would possibly buy one hand measure of a particular type of flower. Normally jasmine is the main flower that is tagged on to a thread and sold.

    Women in Maharashtra and Karnataka also like to keep it on their heads, but it is more common in AP and Tamil Nadu and in pockets of Kerala. The so-called yuppy jeans clad Chennai crowd and most other urban centers do not like it. Or fight with their mothers day in and day out. Their mothers would like to wear the flowers every day.

    While going to the local temples, it is sort of compulsory that the young woman or the married women have flowers on their head. It is a sort of custom. As if to cater to this market, a big tribe of mobile flower sellers try their best to sell their local produce and make a profit of some Rs.200 every day,

    Have you seen such women? What about giving them some business at least once in a way? And what happens up North? I would like to know. I have not been there for a very long time. So, I would not know what is going on.
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    It was a practice in Telugu States to wear flowers on their head. The Husband used to come with a packet of flowers to home from office. The wife will wear those flowers on her head during evenings. But slowly those habits are becoming old. Many of the ladies these days will not like to wear the flowers.
    Some flower vendors will come daily to the houses of their customers and give the flowers as required. In our house we use flowers to make garlands and offer them to the idols of the God that are in our pooja room. My wife and both the daughters in laws wear these flowers regularly. When we travel by buses in East Godavari Dt. of AP many vendors will come to the bus and sell those flowers to the travellers.

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    "Poovum Pottum" (Flowers and Thilak) is the symbol of married women. If one loses her husband, she is not eligible to wear flowers on her hair and thilak on her forehead. It is the tradition followed in southern parts of India. North Indian women don't wear flowers but apply Kumkum or Chendur on their forehead. In the north, they consider the women with flowers as something different from an entertaining society.
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    I have seen some flower sellers especially women while I was commuting in local train in Mumbai. I have seen them making the garland while sitting on the floor and by the time their station came it was ready in their hands.

    They earn by selling these items at certain specified places from where a lot of crowd passes after getting down from local train or local buses.

    In Northern India Garlands are not very common but yes, people buy flowers from these vendors on way to their houses.

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    In Kannada Flower is called as "Hoovu". In morning hours we could see many flower sellers carrying flowers in a basket on their head and go for door to door selling. Of-late we are seeing men started selling flowers in bicycle and mopeds.
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    Flower sellers are seen in our country everywhere though for different purposes.

    In Southern state it is more common as women use the Garlands regularly. There are a large number of these vendors.

    In Northern state it is basically for puja in houses or temples and the flower vendors are limited in numbers.

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