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    Have you ever negotiated rates with road side vendors or fruit seller?

    It is quite common to see in Vegetable markets or on the road side , customers negotiate the rates with the vendors and bargain for discounts. Particularly ladies are more proficient in negotiating with these vendors and get the best price.

    Have we ever thought how much money we would have saved by squeezing these poor vendors?. Few rupees!!. Whereas when we go to bigger shops and malls , we find the big boards written " FIXED PRICE". We don't negotiate with them. It is question of our prestige and we pay the billed amount without uttering any word.

    Why this double standard with the poor vendors, can we not be more sympathetic to them?
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    Road side vendors or road side sellers they say much higher cost than what it should be. While they are selling they show some bargain for us inorder to buy from them
    Moreover they cheat during weighing as they use other than electronic weighing machine which is a profit for him for the bargain he offered.

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    It is a practice to bargain the prices with the road side vendors. Knowing that we will bargain, those vendors also enhance the prices and tell the rates. So sometimes when I go alone and purchase from such vendors I will be spending a few more rupees than what I should have spent. If I go with my family members they will bargain and purchase but I don't have that practice.
    There are many shops which say fixed prices the pricing will be more precise. We will have the confidence there. But the street vendors will try to cheat the people to get more profit. So many people practice bargaining. But if we are regular customers and if they know we will not bargain they will give for a reasonable price and they will not cheat.
    Anyhow as told by the author the saving will be not high but a few rupees only.

    always confident

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    The author has posted a good thought provoking piece of prose but whether it is ethical or not do so, most of us bargain with them till the best prices are obtained.

    At the same time we pay whatever is demanded for the branded item because the salesman is not going to give us even a 1% discount. Only during the sale period when the old and out dated stock is cleared they will give a hefty discount.

    Theoretically speaking we should bargain with the hawkers also and once we find the correct price we can give them slightly more but we are not doing that.

    So the thing is very clear that wherever it is under our control we will squeeze and otherwise we will yield.

    So that is how a society runs.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Well, I always have to negotiate the rates with the vendors to buy fruits or vegetables. Vendors do enhance the prices occasionally but also are ready to bargain and sell at negotiating price.
    Vendors are not there on the roadside just to sell the fruits, they are braving poverty and earning some hard money to fulfill the basic needs. So, in that case, they are ready to negotiate the rate.
    Squeezing money from vendors is not good but pay some extra bucks to keep his needs intact just as we do when we go to shopping malls spending hefty about without uttering or murmuring a single word!

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    "Be considerate on poor vendors and harsh on rich vendors"
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    I have always negotiated with them because I have an idea about the rates in that area for those items.

    The author's feeling for these vendors is well appreciated but we the housewives are already have a fixed notion about this which is difficult to change.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I have come across many such road side vendors, they borrow load of thousand rupees every day from the local money lenders. Money lender will collect interest of 10% per day. He will deduct interest in advance and pay them Rs.900/-. With this small investment they go to market and buy Vegetables. One can imagine how profit they can in a day. Many such vendors have their school going children and they also assist them in selling. It is a pathetic life everyday for them and struggle to earn their livelihood.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    If we go into the real life, it would definitely appear that their life is not rosy. In order to purchase the vegetables, they need to approach a money lender offering them a loan at an alaming rate and the money is offered to them after the deduction of interest which may be as high as 10 percent per day. The green vegetables may get spoilt within a day or two if not sold on the same day. Prices fixed by the vendors take all such things into consideration. They may cheat the customers in the process of weighment because of their system are not the electronic ones but even if they are indulged in such process, their profit remain at the low side due to stiff competition they are facing from their own colleagues. Hence we need to show humanness while dealing with them. In fact, the lives of electricians, plumbers, potters, vegetable - vendors are deplorable despite the fact they are given some financial ackage by the government in terms of loan. We need to realise their hardship as well since they are the part and parcel of our society.

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    A very sensitive thread, and very honestly speaking, I never bargain with the roadside vendors. Bargaining with them makes me guilt conscious. The fact remains that we do not bargain in Malls, but the petty hawkers become the scapegoat. It is my inner conscience which always provokes me not to bargain with my vegetable seller and others, and by following it I feel quite satisfied.

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