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    Can a Governor side line a political party, a political leader in his tenure as governor?

    A governor has no political affiliation once he was recruited as a governor. He should not sidline any political party or political leader while he holds the post of governor. Mr.Kalyan Singh, former BJP CM of UP was recruited as governor of Rajasthan by BJP government. In a program, Mr.Simgh reiterated that Mr.Modi should be re-elected again for another term and Indian society needs him. We are all the people, the karyakartha of BJP party. Within few days India is going for General elections and how BJP party backs such a governor? How BJP is misusing and demoralising democratic setup of India? Is this what all BJP leaders are saying all we are Chowkidaars of the country?
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    It is true that the Governors should not have any political affiliations. These are being appointed by central government. So naturally these posts will be rehabilitation posts to the politicians who worked with their party. This practice is not new. It is there from long time. Many Congress leaders were also appointed as Governers when Congress party is in Government in the Centre.
    Old habits will not go easliy. So these Governors may not forget about their party and talk some thing favourable to that party. The AP governor also behaved in a similar manner with the State Government.
    If we want to have governors who will never talk about parties, they should be not from political background. But they should be from other backgrounds. I don't know Whether it is possible or not. Till such time this will continue and we have to tolerate the same.

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    "A governor has no political affiliation once he was recruited as a governor."-----------This is only theory. We have been noticing for the last fifty years that the Governors are mainly political appointees.

    The author has written this post in such a tone that many would feel that he is not aware of this fact.

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    Governor has got certain roles in a democracy and he should try to fulfil those obligations by using his knowledge and maturity. In case of political turmoils he becomes the head of the state and has a lot of functions and duties to conduct.

    Generally Governer will refrain form making political comments and showing any political affiliations and a prudent Governor will always follow that ideology.

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    In political science, a Governor is called as a Fallen horse. The political parties which are in power make use of the Governor's post to accommodate their senior leaders. It is kind of retirement life for these politicians. Naturally these Governors so appointed by the parties show their allegiance to them.

    But becoming partisan is not right on the part of the Governors.. Once the person occupies the position of Governor he should act independently and should not be influenced by any one. This is the essence of the democracy as envisaged in the Constitution of India.

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    I also feel that Governor is not supposed to show any party affiliation or political inclination.

    He is the executive head for overall control and smooth working of the legislative assembly.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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