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    Mobile App for India Study Channel [ISC]

    Mobile Applications have become very popular these days. The main reason behind this is easy access and user friendly applications. The mobile users in India is one the increase. As per a recent study the mobile users in India has crossed 80 Crores among these 34 Crores use Smart phones.

    Why not ISC develop a mobile application and step in to new era of technology?. I am sure this would help ISC in expanding the membership base.
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    That will be a great initiative if ISC develops a mobile app for members. We have many user-friendly apps that help surf the net or a particular site easily.
    I think ISC should think about bringing a well developed and user-friendly app. The popularity of this site will also increase. In this technological age, we can't stay behind to experience better available options.

    So, the app is a must for ISC, Can ISC develop one for its members?

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    There was a discussion on this earlier also. At that time as far as I remember the finally the ISC administration thought that it is not advisable to have an app. ISC is not a social media site. It is more an education site. It is differnt from sites like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Some members felt that we should have one. But the same is not finally accepted.
    ISC is more useful to improve our English, get to know what is happening around and jobs that are available. This site also gives some good information about various educational institutes and various courses that are being offered. As such having a mobile app may not be that much use for this site. It is better to have as a website on a computer. It will be more convenient to work on a Laptop/desktop rather on a cellphone. Anyhow the final decision will be the decision taken by the webmaster. Let us wait for their comments on this subject.

    always confident

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    A good idea but we have to see how that is going to add value to this site in terms of increasing the contents and increasing the web traffic.

    It could give ease of navigation to the members irrespective of the browser they use and might give a good view of the contents within the screen.

    So it is up to the ISC administration that if they find that it is going to help in some ways to the progress and development of the site then they will consider that option.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is a good idea. But the problem with I see with the app is ISC has to invest a significant amount of money which will have an effect in the current way of rewarding members. Moreover, ISC is a site where people usually contribute to lengthy posts. It would be difficult for the members to type such lengthy posts from mobile. The only use I see is they can see updates to their posts and can read any articles or other items but they can do this from a browser itself and don't need an app for this. Hence I think it's not necessary to have an app for ISC.

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    It is very convenient to work in ISC site using a laptop. When we use mobile phone then we have some small problems time to time.

    Will this app will be helpful to the members. If so, then only it is useful.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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