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    What is the benefit if anyone's answer selected as best answer on forum?

    What is the benefit if anyone answers selected as best answer? Is there any prize also if our answer is selected as best answer. Best answer section I go for 2 questions but I am asking this question because I am getting this first time.
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    The Member who initiates a thread can choose the best response. It has no benefit except that it encourages that particular Member who wrote that particular response. The Member gets personal satisfaction when he/she notices that his/her answer is adjudged best answer.
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    No..No..No.. Nothing to benefit. Neither ISC nor the members get any benefit. The member satisfies and feels good to some extent. It is nothing but to boost the morale of the members.
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    We get elated and feel happy when someone appreciate our work. Money or benefit cannot be equated with the appreciation. A true appreciation has its own value. Money will have depreciation but an APPRECIATION will always have appreciation.

    When you make someone happy you will also feel happy. Let us make others happy.

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    I think it is the perception of the author of the thread about a particular answer and if the author is impressed and contended with the answer he has an option of assessing it and selecting it as the best response.

    It is between the members and ISC has nothing to do with it except taking a note of it.

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    There is no special benefit for the answers selected as best answer. The best answer will be selected by the author of the thread or the person who asked the question in the Ask Expert section. In this issue, there is no intervention of any Editor or any other persons belonging to the administration of the website. In the Ask Expert section, some times the points given to the answer selected by the author as the best answer may be less and CC will also be less than the other answers. It is only to motivate the person who answered the question or posted his comments on the topic of the thread. Except this, there are no benefits.
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    This issue did not come to my notice. Especially that the best answer is to be selected by the person who posed the thread. I was under the impression that the editors in charge of forums will be doing this selection. Because of this impression I did not make a comparison between different comments on my thread. Of course, no cash credit for these selected answers gives a consolation.

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    I think if answer selected and best answer means its very near to correct answer to 100% so keep posting your view to get best answer .ISC should also encourage to give some award for top 10 best answer in a month type.
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