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    Admission to Professional College was cheaper than the LKG Admission now

    Education has become very expensive these days. Starting from pre-nursery , the fees for schooling and admission to colleges has gone beyond the reach of the middle class people. It is a fact that in some schools they charge a fee around Rs. 1.5 lakh to 2.00 lakhs per year for LKG admission.
    One hand Government do not appoint teachers in Government Schools and provide proper infrastructure facilities. On the other hand Government accord permission to private parties to establish new schools without any control.

    Why the Government is not bringing any legislation to control the fee structure in private schools?. Is it because most of the schools are owned by politicians?
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    I think it is high time that Govt should bring legislation to limit the fees in the schools.

    It is really a bad trend that they are asking whatever they want.

    In fact Govt should levy some GST type thing on the fees of these private schools.

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    There is a saying in Telugu the meaning of which is the fencing which is supposed to protect the crop itself has eaten away the crop. Then what is the use of having fencing?
    The government is encouraging private schools because they have their own interests in that. In some States, the school founders are in the government as Ministers. As such how they will stop the schools.
    The government school teachers never take an interest in teaching and at the same time, there is no proper infrastructure for the school. A huge amount is being spent on these schools without any outcome.
    That is the reason why the schools are increasing the fees as they like. There is no limit.
    Another problem is that the parents never like to admit their children into government schools and there will be a mad rush for these corporate schools and private schools. This craze is another reason for the schools to increase the fee structure.
    The mindset of the parents should change and the government schools should be strengthened. Then only the private schools will reduce the fees.

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    Private schools are like a business entity and they will make hay while the sun shines. They will raise fees in the name of providing more facilities and better education in school and the parents who can afford will go for that. It is something like going for branded items in place of normal items available in ordinary shops.

    What is the role of Govt in that. Can Govt improve its schools to the extent that can give a tough competition to these private schools or impose some regulations to curb and limit the escalating fees.

    These are the points to be pondered over and taken up by the educationist and education ministry in our country.

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    Commercialization of education should be stopped.
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