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    No thanks and No sorry between a good friendship

    I got it from a film - No thanks and sorry between true friends.

    Should a couple use the words thanks and sorry? Should a spouse feel bad and say sorry for their mistake and feel good and say thanks for their good deed? Should a couple expect thanks and sorry from the other end?

    As a spouse, what are your views and comments, please.
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    Actually, these are more and less formal words and are used in western culture even between the family members.

    As per Indian culture, we do not use any such words in our local dialect though in some Indian families it is common to use these English words - sorry and thanks.

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    When we are wrong, we should admit and say sorry. But it is not correct to say sorry when we are right , just to please the other party. We should be true to ourselves and answer our conscious. Just uttering the word "sorry" and "thanks" will not suffice, we need to do it in deed also.
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    Yes sorry and thanks is good word we should use when its required if you will not use than its bad because you do not know whats your friend is thinking after mistake if you say sorry then what ever answer you will get from your friend that will enough to know result of sorry. So keep saying sorry and thanks to build your friendship strong even your friend say many time no sorry no thanks but so time you also say no sorry no thanks after some time both will automatically stop to say sorry and thanks.

    Thanks friend oh sorry .

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Sorry and thanks are the two courtesy exclamations used by people in workplace or society. They are very helpful in many conditions and are used to resolve the misunderstandings and confusions.

    We are using them with friends and family members also. They are so common that we do not know when we have used them. Their popularity is going up day by day and the parents are instructing their children to use them even in the house. Once this habit is formed then we will be doing it in a normal way.

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    Should a wife say sorry to her husband if she happened to touch him unexpectedly and vice verse?
    Should a wife say sorry to her husband if her husband complains of less salt in the dish she prepared?
    Should a wife say sorry to her husband if she has taken some money from her husband's purse to meet some need?
    Should a wife thank her husband if he makes a cup of tea and offers her?
    Should a husband say sorry to his wife if he turns up little late than the scheduled time?
    Should a husband say sorry to his wife if he forgot something that was demanded by his wife?
    Should a husband thank his wife if she serves an unexpected dish of his liking?

    What should be their response without the words Thanks or Sorry?

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    In my opinion, there should not be any formal sorry and thanks between the life partners. Both of them will have a common life. If one is suffering, the other will also suffer. A person is having two hands. A cart is having two bullocks. Similarly, a family will depend on the wife and husband. So there should not be any formalities. Each should understand the other, adjust themselves and should go on together. When the wife is angry, the husband should be silent and when the husband is angry the wife should be silent. Then things will go smooth in the family and no necessity for sorry or thanks will come in the family.
    If the wife has done something well instead of saying thanks to her if you reciprocate to her in a similar way she will be very happy. Of course, some people these days are accustomed to say these two wards in all circumstances and these words are losing their importance.

    always confident

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