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    What is your criteria for casting your vote to a particular candidate

    Election season started. Full Swing Campaigning is going on. Every candidate is promising so many things and showing heaven in our palm. They promise free food, free bed, free house and everything free.

    But when we see into the details of the candidates, we will get astonished. No one is having a clean chit except a few. Candidates with a criminal background, candidates with many cases pending against them are contesting. The assets they are showing are very much higher than what they were shown in the last elections. How they accumulated that much wealth in 5 years is a big question?

    After seeing these points I am very confused to decide on whom to cast my vote. I thought I should give my vote to a candidate who is having ethics in his life and a real servant to the Nation irrespective of his party. But I fail to find such a candidate in the list of person contesting.

    How you decide on the candidate to whom you want to select.
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    Election - fever is evident from the fact the leaders have come out with numerous promises they would fulfil in the event of their victories. The past - records of such leaders have been very disappointing in terms of performance and one leader hailing from ST hailing from compromised financial ground is contesting as an independent candidate.
    I think it would be better to cast to that independent candidate and see how far he gears up himself in alleviating the hardships of the common citizens. However, the opinion of the people are divided on his victory. In fact, the present trend of casting of vote signifies the influence of a leader and they would vote such a leader with some psycological fear as well.
    So some system has to be devised to encourage some lesser known figures giving them oppurtunities for some constructive work to be carried out in their zones.

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    I will like to vote for a clean and honest candidate.

    Integrity and character is the main thing and without this, we can not expect that he will work for the nation.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Theoretically speaking we should go for a person who has potential to contribute for nation's progress and has a vision of taking India to higher echelons of success.

    In real life situations, such candidates are rare. The other aspect is the public perception. We have various caste, creeds and social groups and each of them to some extent has a political affiliation and in that bonding they forget and overlook the qualities and requisites that a candidate should possess.

    So in this scenario where the voters are also not wise enough to select a proper candidate there is always a chance of getting a wrong person selected in such an election. The aggressive and false promising people temporary win the hearts of the gullible people to get the vote but then disappear from the scene only to come back during the next election.

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    During my younger days when I was a Communist party supporter, I used to vote on the basis of the ideology of the Communist party. But, with the passage of time, my outlook has drastically changed with the availability of more information and my own personal study of various complex issues.

    Now, I vote considering the ideology of the party, credentials of top leaders as well as that of the particular candidate.

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    Buying votes has become very common in our country. Some petty cash, a quarter bottle liquor, and a packet of Biriyani does the magic to lure the voters. Financially healthy, especially the ruling party does it. Since most poor Indians are sincere and faithful, they show their gratitude by voting for them for the Cash, Bottle and Biriyani provided to them.

    There is no way to choose the right candidate. We all become fools if we vote for an independent candidate who may not win due to the CBB culture. If the independent candidate wins, he is ignored by the political parties and treat them differently. His voice won't be heard.

    It cannot be an easy win for an independent candidate in the election to parliament. He should be an extraordinary figure with finance and power.

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    There is no doubt that we should vote for a sincere and honest candidate. The problem for the voter is to find one. Irrespective of the parties , very handful are there in the fray who are worth voting.

    Another important factor is percentage of voting. The percentage of polling in the elections is very poor. Very sad to note that educated people do not vote. We are in vicious circle. People are not coming forward to vote because candidates do not deserve their vote. But they are elected without our vote and they become the policy makers. Honest and sincere person cannot contest the election because they do not have money. In the process monies person gets elected. How to cleanse system is billion dollar question.

    In my opinion as a citizen and vote we have more responsibility in electing our representatives. Therefore we should vote of honest and sincere candidates irrespective parties.

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