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    Are discipline and order necessary for the development and progress of our society?

    Today, people complain of indiscipline and disorder in public places as well as in many activities like traffic, cleanliness, making a queue, ettiquettes etc.

    Some people opine that if we observe discipline and order in our activities and force our youngsters to follow then many of these evils can be eradicated from the society.

    This looks like a simple solution but when we start to achieve it in practice we draw a blank.

    What is your view on this? How to achieve discipline and order in our society?
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    Although in India we sometime feel that a person with muscle-power generally wins, but this gain is short-term gain. Ultimately, discipline and order make a man victorious in the marathon race of life.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Discipline is important for the progress and development of an individual. To get success in life, discipline is an indispensable tool to achieve it. Carrying out all your working schedule on time, working hard and obeying the norms and principles of the pursuing field is mandatory to be disciplined and achieve success in life.

    Indiscipline creates chaos and confusion; it hinders the progress of an individual. Indiscipline in life completely stumbles the development in a prosperous life. Better choose to be a disciplined and punctual person than to be an arrogant and undisciplined individual.

    Discipline brings prosperity and indiscipline snatched every thread of it! I discipline hampers your success and leaves you with disappointment and failure!

    Let's live a disciplined life and rise to the heights of success!

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    Indian culture always symbolize and propagate discipline, order, self-restraint in the society. Invasion of foreigners to India has corrupted our rich tradition and culture. We need to educate our younger generation to inculcate self discipline in their life. A disciplined and orderly society takes the country forward.

    Self discipline is more important to every citizen in the Country. To quote few examples, I have seen many people jumping signal since no policemen around. Similarly wearing helmet. People hold helmet in their hand and when they see a cop they wear. Why we should wait for someone to tell us that we are wrong. Why not we develop self discipline?

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    India always talks about the importance of discipline and order. Our epics always suggest that the people who value ethics, values and disciplined will be successful in their lives. Time and again it is proved. So we always should understand the importance of these factors and practice them.
    Parents are the first teachers of the children. They will learn from them always. So parents should follow the above traits so that their children will also practice the same. If a parent smokes in the presence of his children, Children will also do the same thing. So it is always necessary for the parents to stand as an example to their children.
    But how many of us follow this principle. I don't know. We break all the rules and ask our children to follow the rules. They will also do the same. The break the rules and ask their children to follow the rules. Even though it appears a little difficult to practice these points initially but after some time we will get accustomed to it. So we should not ever deviate from them.

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    Discipline and order are the key elements for the progress and development of the society. This is a cultural achievement and does not come with regulations or forcing people to observe discipline.

    In our country if the traffic police is not present, many people cross the road while the signal is red. It means they have no respect for discipline and they are only following it because of the fear of the policeman. This is really a pitiable state of affairs that we do not have a sense of discipline and order in our life.

    No country or society can progress and prosper if these basic attributes are missing in our day to day life.

    Parents, seniors and citizens have to play an instrumental role in bringing the order and discipline in the society.

    Some of the senior citizens have maintained a park near our society and once when I was there in the morning for a walk I saw them telling the students and other people to throw the waste in the dust bins only. Their repeated request has made the people conscious of this and now the get up of the park is enhanced.

    So, it is the duty of the citizens to point out these things to the youngsters whenever they see that they are violating the order. That will slowly bring a culture of adhering to discipline. Govt and police will do its work but what is the contribution of the citizens? Why we should be indifferent to those offences?

    We should not be fearful in doing that and boldly tell them to be disciplined or get out of the park.

    Knowledge is power.

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