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    Can Rahul's basic economic scheme will turn the table around Congress?

    In the present elections there is a war on various issues in between different parties. There is a fight even in the manifestos released in between the parties. Usually in the past political parties used to release manifestos long before the date of elections. But now the parties dragging on the release of manifestos till last minute so that they can announce better sops or schemes than the other party. In A.P the two rival parties TDP and YCP are not yet released the manifestos waiting the other party to release first. In center, who is against sops and welfare scheme already announced certain schemes. But Congress now leaving a scheme minimum basic economic scheme for the 20 percent poor population of India. In this scheme poor people get Rs.72000 per annum to their accounts. Noted economist Mr.Rajan gave a positive affirmation to the scheme. BJP supremo Mr.Satrugna Sinha described Rahul's scheme as a master stroke. The BJP announced Rs.17 per day for farmers which gave a negative impression in public.can this scheme work as a game changer for Congress?
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    Election promises are hardly fulfilled. A government should not make the people sit and eat. It should teach them to earn and eat. Let the poor be not made lazy. Make them earn by providing employment. The amount distributed to the poor can be utilized for industrial growth and improve employment opportunities.

    I do not think that this election gimmick of RG will work. In present India, even a poor know what is politics. Congress, after Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi, has lost its credibility. SG and RG can do nothing for our country.

    This is election 'Maya' to lure the public now and to loot the government later.

    @ Let RG explain how his asset worth 55L of 2014 has turned 9C within 5 years (16 times) by sitting in the opposition bench. Is there any bank which gives 50% interest per annum? Let him first declare his source of income before assuring a sum to the poor public.

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    Rahul Gandhi's proposed sop of Rs. 6000/- for 2 crores of Indian family would cost the exchequer Rs. 30,000 crores every year. From where would the huge amount come?

    So, I feel that this proposal will turn the table around Congress and Congress will have to do somersaults many a time to save itself from the huge embarrassment being caused by its party president by announcing such unrealistic scheme.

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    Thus, only 20 percent or 2 crore public would vote for Congress. Is it sufficient to win the election and come to power to distribute the assured sum to the 20% poor? RG is a good daydreamer. Even in the parliament house, he sleeps and dreams with his fingers on his cheek and chin.
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    "Garibi Hatao" was the popular election slogan coined by Late. Smt. Indira Gandhi, Grand mother of Shri. Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has made the election promise now for payment of Rs.6000/- pm to the poor families. By this poll promise, congress has admitted the fact that "Garibi hata nahi" even after 72 years of independence. Most of this period was ruled by Congress Party.

    During the election political parties are coming out with false promises to get elected. Once they are elected they forget all the promises. This has happened in most of the elections.

    The political parties should come out with constructive development plan for the Country and upliftment of poor, instead of announcing freebies which is not good for the Country.

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    BJP & Modi gave only 6000 per years VS Rahul Gandhi announces 6000 per month & 72000 per year. So, instead appreciating Rahul Gandhi decision, Bhakts are trying to find "how and from where money will come".

    I believe now congress better as compared to BJP. BJP gave lot Jumlas in 2014.
    Some are
    1) We will give 15 lakhs to every family
    2) We will make 100 smart cities
    3) Farmers will get twice the value of input in farms
    4) 2 crore jobs etc etc

    So, Congress even bank balance of India and various states is reduced by BJP. Congress trying to find the way to help Poors in India. So, i really appreciate Congress & Rahul Gandhi.

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    Here 20 percent means 25 crores people but not 2 crores as indicated by some members. Previously Mr.Modi and BJP questioned Aadhar's utility but the same was followed by Modi's government afterwards. Similarly many schemes of Congress were followed by BJP by changing the names is a well known fact raised by media and public. In my opinion Congress have made lot of deep thought before announcing this scheme.
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    In 1972, his grandmother gave the slogan "Garibi Hatao". After 47 years, he is still raising the slogan "Garibi Hatao". The mindset hasn't changed. Inferiority complex exists even today.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    RG said only 20 % of the poor population of India. What about the remaining 80 % of the poor population of India. I think half of India's population live below the poverty line(BPL). In that case 133/2 = 65.5 crores. 20 % would be 13 crores. At the rate of Rs.72000/- per head, our government will have to shell out Rs. 93600 crores per annum. Even if he considers 20 % of the total 133 crores population, it would work out to 26 crores. The amount would be Rs.187000 crores per year.

    From where will he get this amount?

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    It is always good that people are getting Rs 72000 annually from Congress Party's fund and not from tax payer's money.

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    Any subsidy or free dole is seen with interest in a poor and populated country. So definitely the advantage of that will come to the promising party.

    Now BJP can also announce something better than that and public will again turn to them.

    So this game will go on like that.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is an election promise only. We are in independence for more than 72 years. Majority of this period the country has been ruled by the Congress Party only. This is a fact and we all know the same. Still, there are many people below the poverty line. Why and who is responsible for this. The gap between poor and rich are increasing. Long back people promised in elections to stop poverty. They promised all poor will become normal. But what we are seeing today is similar situations. Why the necessity has come now to Congress to talk about the poor. Is it because of the last 5 years rule,
    By promising free sops the parties are making the people lazy. These promises should not be taken seriously by us. People should vote for development and not for free sops. Then only good governance is possible in this country.

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    Politicians are now desparate to woo the voters. At such times, they can go for tall promises which can be made or not made true depending upon the budget and the approval in parliament.

    By that time the poor voters will simply forget this.

    Yesterday I went for some shopping and found that GST is very less. But if we remember it took so much time in getting it approved in parliament.

    So poor people will only hope for such magnanimous unemployment allowance.

    Some of the voters are intelligent also. They will give the vote to the party of their choice but take these benefits if the promising party comes in power.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Is Rahul Gandhi still worth believing of his sense of maturity?

    Going ahead, we have enough talked on the facts & if the voters considers on some practical ground with some sense & logic then this leader who is on bail would be left with no space in the Indian politics.

    In addition, the Rahul Gandhi is being suggested by Raghuram Govind Rajan who is the "Katherine Dusak Miller Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business" but not having any idea of GST & Demonetization of which the world over including the World Bank has appreciated.

    Perhaps the author is not aware of the fact that Satrugna Sinha has been ignored by the BJP for the upcoming election & is now on the payroll of the Congress party & therefore I request the author to update when he mention "BJP supremo".

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