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    Is academic pursuit the only way to success in our life?

    It is said that one must get the best education and academic qualifications to progress and achieve success in life. In many cases it is true also but the question is that is this the only path for success or there are some alternatives like pursuing business or starting a service centre for some popular gadgets or items. There could be many other things which one might consider for a livelihood.

    What can be the alternatives for success in life other than that of pursuing higher education? Can the members elaborate on this?
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    Academics are not sure way to success in life. Academics provide degrees only but don't train students for challenges ahead in life. They only produce floods of candidates with degrees and not the skills that are needed in life to achieve success. Our education system is not at par with those in the developed countries that train students for future endeavors.

    However, when candidates with less degrees or without any degrees get trained in some skill development institutions and they settle better than highly educated people with degrees only and not skill.
    I have seen people with degrees but not jobs and those with no degrees are doing better business after pursuing skill development courses.

    So, what I think is the need to train students along with the academics otherwise these academic degrees will only be producing unemployed masses not the skilled people. It is time that govt should look at our educational setup across the country and reform it for the betterment of students and our society.

    Academic pursuit alone can't give success in life; we need some skill development courses to train students to achieve success in life.

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    Success is different and education is different. All educated people are not successful in their lives. At the same time, all uneducated people are not failures in their lives. We can't measure the success of a person with his education.
    Different people will have different perceptions of success. For a person earning a PhD degree may be the success for him. For another person having a crore of rupees in the bank may be a success. But we can say a person is successful in his life if he achieved all the goals he made for himself.
    I know many people with very good academic degrees but not able to have a decent life. They are successful in getting the education but they are failures in their lives. I know people who don't have any formal degree but spent a very decent life. They have done many good works and helped society also. They are not successful in getting qualifications but they are very successful in their lives.

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    Success is individual perception. It depends on the capability of a person to achieve his or her objective. A student with less qualification may prove successful than a person with higher qualification. But we need to know what is our objective in our career or life. Success cannot be gauged with single parameter.
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    Success is not related to the vast knowledge in a some field but the most importantly the ability to handle the situation in a given situation would lead to success. This requires an analytical ability how the presence situation can be tackled effectively and such an application of common sense is seen to have been absent from the scholars or learned men because of their involvement in their own field. Of course, their high literary pieces seem to be praiseworthy in the academic persuit but success may elude them due to lack of analysis of timings an essential gredient to grab success.

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    Education is important but it is not the whole thing. There are many other qualities which are required to success in life.

    Education is necessary up to a certain level. After that one has to choose ones profession in an entrepreneurship model.

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    Education is just a part of life which is considerably important but when seen from complete viewpoint of life it is not the only thing which can make us succeed in our life.
    Of course there are so many people who left their education in middle or hardly have studied but still they have succeeded in their life. Apart from education there are several things like their skills which can be turned out to passion and get succeeded.There are many examples of such person who didn't rely on education and proved that education is not mandatory to get succeeded in life like Bill Gates, Steve jobs and so on.

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    I agree with views given by almost all members specially I read comment from DR. N.V. Srinivasa Rao sab, The feel of success is always a individuals perception. but in current society people usually are judging with his earnings only. Not with the qualities they sworn by.

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    The definition of success is different for different people. Some people think that earning money is the definition of success. Some want to be successful in academic pursuit. Some people want success in the sporting arena. Some go to the spiritual path. So, we can't say that academic excellence is the only way to success.

    However, most of the middle-class people in India think that success is equivalent to academic excellence, that too in some select fields like engineering, information technology, medical or management. This is a wrong approach.

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