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    Why India is not ready for two children policy?

    In comparison to other countries the position of the natural resources versus the population is getting worse with the gaps being widen more frequently with showing off of undesirable circumstances like the increasing industrial pollution with reducing vegetation & growing employment opportunities. Do we believe that the core factors are different & that the policy measures to control the population growth is undesirable in the meantime or is it the politics that is playing round the corner?

    Why we are not bothered to think on this area seriously or we are waiting for some more adventures to come around?
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    True, the population is on the rise. The availability of natural resources is coming down and the requirement is increasing. How to bridge the gap is still a big question mark. Family planning is a necessity. This is a fact and this fact has been noticed by many middle-class people and urban people and they are following this concept. Even there are many families who stopped with only one child only irrespective of a male child or female child.
    Unfortunately, many poor families and village people are not able to understand the importance of this fact. So there is an increase in the population. Another problem in our country, one religion never believes in family planning. Irrespective of their income levels they go on having children more and more. That is another reason for the population rise. The number of people of that religion is also increasing.
    The government should make it a rule that no citizen should have more than two children. In China, people are allowed to have only one delivery. Like that we should also have a rule. Then only the family planning will be strictly implemented by all. Otherwise, this problem will continue.

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    Rise of population is the National problem. We have already crossed 130 crores mark. As per the UN reports India would touch 170 crores by 2050. This is quite alarming. India may become No.1 in terms of population in the world. This is not a healthy symptom for the Country. Though, the educated have already adopted the single child policy, same is not happening in villages and among uneducated.

    Government should bring in an Uniform policy in controlling the population. Particularly when governments schemes are being utilized.

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    It is very difficult for any Govt to take tough decisions. There will be so much hue and cry and opposition will find out some loose point to topple the Govt. Then there are religious and personal issues.

    It is very true that there should be a limit on the number of children and it should be very stringent and strict but the thing is the politicians should have a will to pass the regulation in the parliament and make it a constitutional requirement for whole of the country.

    Half hearted work will not help. Bold decisions are required. If someone opposes the legislation telling that as per ones religion one will not abide by this then what is the recourse.

    There are many things which we should do but we are fearful and apprehended in taking the bold decisions.

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