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    Parents should take care for the well being of their children.

    In our Epic Mahabharata, Durtharasthra was born blind. His wife Gandhari was blindfolded and she also behaved blind like that. So their sons Kauravas were never had better care from their parents. They were grown up without any care from their parents. So they were misguided by the people like Sakuni. They lost the war and died.

    Whereas even though Pandavas lost their father early their mother has taken care of them and taught them the good values and ethics. So they were grown up well and won the battle. They learned values and ethics in life.

    This is a clear example of establishing the requirement for good parenting.

    These days when the parents are busy in their own activities, the children are being left in the hostels and that is making them free birds and getting spoiled.

    So I feel at least one of the two parents should take care of their children for the well being of the children. I hope members will be in agreement with me.
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    Sir, You are right! Parents must take care of their children for a better upbringing. They should always be taught the right things and keep them under your observation. Children can not be left alone and at their own mercy to spoil their identity.

    Children are imitators and quickly grasp things that are shown or taught to them. So, children can grow into a great human being and develop a better personality, provided parents take due care towards them.

    When children are brought up and taught good character under parents observation; they can serve well not only their parents, but they will also become a valuable asset for society.

    However, if ignorance is shown towards children and not paying heed towards development and proper education, such children easily fall into thugs and rogues who spoil their personality and future. They become delinquent and don't serve even their parents.

    Such children who are ignored by parents become spoilers of society. They can't do anything better worth for family or society.

    So, for the proper development of children, due care and proper attention are important to transform a child into a better human being who can serve well to everyone and his society. And parents can feel proud of their children!

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    Children are future Citizens. It is our duty to make them good citizens. We should provide them good education along with moral values. As you sow so shall you reap. The foundation that we provide to our children helps them to grow and become a good human being. That's the best gift we can present it to our next generation.

    Good human beings make better society. A society with good human beings make the Country lovely.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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