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    What is this Sarada Chit scam all about?

    The newspapers talk about it. However, since we have not been following it, we are unable to understand what this cheating is all about. It is called the Sarada Chit scam. Why is BJP barking at Mamtha? Is she or her own party involved?

    One really does not know how much the loot is or whether it can be compared, if at all, to Tamil Nadu's loot. The Mannargudi Mafia is an International gang. The black money is all over. Is this true of the Sarada Chit Scam? Can someone like Shri Partha Sir, please explain what it is?

    What impact will it have on the election results in West Bengal?
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    There were lots of hue and cry in West Bengal, particularly Mamata Bannerjee protecting some of the accused in the Sharada Scam. As my knowledge goes Saradha is a group consortium Company consisting of about 200 private 200 Companies. The Company started Investment Scheme, collecting money from people in the name of Chit fund Scheme. In south we call it a blade Company. Saradha group collected over Rs.300 Crores from people mostly from West Bengal and north east. But the scheme got in to problem in the year 2013. Most of the people affected are from low income group. Consequent to the surfacing of scandal West Bengal instituted an enquiry. The Income Tax dept and Enforcement Directorate also started the investigation in the year 2014. Later the matter came up before Supreme Court also. Hon' Supreme Court seriously observed that it failure on the part of the regulatory authority and nexus of politicians in the scam.

    Later the case was handed over to CBI. Many politicians and bureaucrats who were part of the Saradha Group, were arrested. The people so far arrested are Kunal Ghosh, Srinijoy Bose, Rajat Majumdar, Former Director General of Police , West Bengal, Debabrata Sarkar etc., The matter is still being investigated by CBI.

    The fact is that in India, none of the cases against Politicians are proved. The legal process takes several years and everyone forgets the case until a new one surfaces.

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    It is a scam involving the politicians at the highest level in the State level in West Bengal. In Independent India, if you observe any scam definitely involves one or two politicians minimum. The Politicians and government officials play an important role in one way or other in all these schemes. It is like distributing the villages among the thieves.
    No Scam will be fully investigated and action will be taken against the culprits.
    YSRCP Leader in Andhra Pradesh and the Son of Ex-Chief Minister of Combined Andhra Pradesh Sri YS Raja Sekhar Reddy, Jagan is having 31 criminal cases. CBI has investigated and court proceedings also started. This happened 5 years back. But so far no action on him and he wants to be the Chief Minister and he may become also. That is the way in our country.
    In this Saradha Scam also. innocent people's money has been swallowed by rich government officials and Politicians. CBI enquiry is going on and as usual, some leaders like Mamatha from West Bengal are trying to delay the investigation.

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    This is a chit fund scam of astronomical proportion. Huge amount of money was collected from poor and lower-middle-class people of entire West Bengal. The entire top leadership of the ruling Trinamool Congress was involved in the scam. Only very few were exposed.
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