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    India succsfully conducts Anti satellite missile test mission Shakthi

    It is a proud moment for every Indian, India became fourth nation behind, United Stares, Russia, and China to succefully test Anti satellite missile-ASAT. Indian Anti satellite missile is names, mission Shakthi. Shakthi, means power. India proved its Shakthi to the world. During the our scientists have shot down a live satellite, Microsat R.

    Congratulations to all the scientists who are part of the mission Shakthi.

    But politicians are adding colours to it. May be the politicians may also say, if Pakistan attacks India, India should not counter because of election code of conduct. Let us leave our scientists, defence personnel out of politics.
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    Really, the space Scientists and DRDO Scientists are to be congratulated. They make India proud. It is the 4th Country in the world to have this capability with the USA, Russia and China.
    Actually, the Indian Scientists developed this system in 2012 itself, says one of the Retired DRDO's Chiefs. As per him, the then government has not accorded permission to them to test this missile. The same has been confirmed by one of the Ex-Chiefs of ISRO. What is the reason that the then government has not given permission for testing the same is not known?
    Research Centre, Imarat, Hyderabad under the guidance of present DRDO Chief Mr Satish Reddy played an important role in developing this Sakthi. They need a special mention on this occasion.
    Politicians will always see some controversies in all the things that are taking place in the Country. So I think we need not give any weight to the comments and opinions of these people who don't have any interest in the progress of the country except power and their progress.

    always confident

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    Hearty congratulations to all scientists and technologists involved in this project. They have shown the world what the Indians can do under a strong and decisive political leadership. India possesses this capability since 2012, but the previous Government did not allow the scientists to exhibit this capability to the world. We are now capable of destroying satellites of the enemy nations.
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    It is a matter of proud for all of us. Defense of the country is a primary thing especially when terrorists are lurking here and there.

    We must show our might in weapons and arsenals otherwise the enemy will undermine us.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I think there is no harm in showcasing our military might and strategic potential to the world. We are developing as a global power and the world is taking a note of it.

    All the advanced countries are competing in these things with each other. Why we should not?

    If a country is having the modern arsenals and weapons the neighbouring countries will think twice before invading us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Really that was a proud moment for all of us Indian. This shows the capabilities in defense and space sector. PM gives the message to the world that India is now on the list of 4 mega power countries having such capabilities. This automatically sends a clear message to our rival countries.
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