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    Loosing political parties blame Electronic Voting Machine. EVM

    In every election, the political parties blame Electronic voting machine for their defeat. But same party does not have any complaints on their victory. Why this double speak and cast doubt on system?. The adverse statement s keep coming from political parties after every election. Some political parties have even demanded for manual polling. Do we not have trust in our own systems?
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    It is the tendency of the people in general and especially the politicians in particular that they will find something to blame for their failure in life or in election.

    Earlier they were citing the booth capture and counting anamolies responsible for that and now the EVM is the target.

    So, it is an unfortunate state of the affairs but people are resorting to these things time to time just to show that they deserve the votes and people have given them but there is something wrong in the bottom and some powers are acting against them.

    If tomorrow, there is an online voting mechanism based on directly Aadhaar card they will blame that there is some virus mounted by the ruling party which converts the votes from one person to another.

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    I don't have any doubts about Electronic Voting Machines. The chances of an electronic device going wrong are very rare but it may stop completely working.
    A dancer who can't perform dance properly will blame the side supporting artists who are providing music and vocal support. Same is the case in this issue also.
    Many political parties and candidates will get rejected by the voters but they blame something else for their failure. EVMs are one among them.
    Earlier days when the ballot papers were there so many problems like rigging and booth capturing were reported. Now those problems are not there.
    The Slips that are collected can be counted on a sample basis and if any difference is there we can say there is a problem in the EVMs. But no differences are reported so far.
    I feel it is better to link the voting also with Aadhaar and EVM should work based on the fingerprints of the particular candidate.

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    Manipulating EVMs is possible, but is not everyone's cup of tea. So, the blame game indulged by the opposition parties after losing the election is nothing but a matter of ridicule. When these parties win elections, they don't blame EVMs.
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    It is easy to blame the EVM. Many people use this trick to confuse the gullible public.

    But when some of these people change sides and join the winning party then they say that EVM is working correctly.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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