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    What are the main reasons kidney failure increasing in the world?

    What are the main reasons kidney failure increasing in the world? As per my point of view using cheap oil, less physical activity and fast food may be main reason for all those things.

    That is the reason mustard oil price increasing day by day because its good for health even you consume more its good. We need to do regular exercise and Yoga to save us from all type harm.Please share your views on the to get more details and idea.
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    As rightly pointed by the Author kidney (renal) disease is on the increase. There are many factors responsible for increase in the kidney related ailments. . Though the ailment was prevalent in earlier years death used to occur without the diagnosing the cause of death. Now due to advancement in medical technology the ailment is detected early.

    Diabetes patients are more prone to Kidney related problems. Therefore people with high sugar level need to be more careful. Excessive medication and use of antibiotics also causes renal failure. No doubt the factors like pollution, food adulteration is adding to the woes.

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    Kidney failure is due to the health problems we have and those health problems may have done permanent damage to kidneys over a period of time.
    Once the kidneys fail they will never work as they are supposed to work. Slowly it will become a chronic disease.
    That is why kidney failure is also known as end-stage renal disease( ESRD). The main reason for this is Diabetes. Then comes the High blood pressure second in the list.
    Other diseases which may cause Kidney failure are
    Genetic diseases like polycystic kidney disease
    Nephrotic syndrome
    Urinary tract problems.

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    If you have High blood pressure and very High BP scenario then your Kidney, Brain and Liver can be damaged. In most cases one of part get the damages. Like my relative have very high BP and his kidney get damages. You can't stop damages but only can delay the damages with the help of proper medication.

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    If some does not have BP and sugar problem then how there kidney fails . Actually normal people also suffering from this type of issues. Some bad oil and mixing in food also the main reason for damaging our kidney. Alcohol is second reason for making our kidney weak.
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