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    This is about the said “award wapsi gang”?

    Among the Modi haters, we have another group who pop-up often & on their emergence we witness the returning of awards from numbers of intellectuals who were given the awards during the Congress regimes.

    I would like to open about myself that I don't object to this but is it true that the money being aligned with the awards to those intellectuals were never got retuned. Is it the case or I am being misinformed of this whole episode but I do agree that aftermath the money given must also be recovered from those intellectuals so that their accounts must get settled with full & final.

    Do the members agree with me onto this?
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    After the declaration of election results, these intellectuals will again start 'award wapsi' campaign in another pretext. At that time, we, the aam-aadmis would demand the return of the award money also. These anti-national intellectuals must be exposed and insulted openly in this manner.
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    I agree 100%. Returning the award means not just giving away the certificate given by the government. They should return the prize money received from the government in connection with the award. Otherwise, there is no point in returning the award.

    If the concerned persons are not returning the money, the government should arrange for recovering the same from them by attaching their properties or from their bank accounts.

    This clearly indicates that the awards they received are purely due to their political affiliations but not due to their merit or their works. When the government is giving awards to the deserving cases there should not be any political interference in that. But in our country, it will not happen.

    In deciding the awards also there is no transparency and we fail to understand the basis of their selection. As long as such interferences are there really worthy candidates will never come into limelight.

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    I fail to understand the ideology of these award returning people. Are they doing it just like that to follow the others who are returning these awards.

    One of my friend who was a Padma Shri had returned it due to the intolerance issue a few years back. I asked him why he did it. He could not explain. Then I asked him whether he returned the money also then he told money was not returned as it was only a symbolic gesture. I could not understand what he meant but he did not part with the money.

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    @ Neeru Bhatt: Can you give the name of the Padma Shri awardee who received cash also?

    'Padma' award is an honor only. It does not carry any cash award and other concessions. The 'Bharat Ratna' award has some perks.

    I agree with Mr. V.P. Anand that those who are returning the awards should also return the cash or any other perks they receive.

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    Has any Padma-award winner returned the honour so far? I am not sure.
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    Over the years nine people have returned the Padma Shri . They are -
    Gopal Prasad Vyas
    Phanishwar Nath 'Renu'
    Akhtar Mohiuddin
    Sadhu Singh Hamdard
    Kaifi Azmi
    Ratan Thiyam
    Dalip Kaur Tiwana
    Jayanta Mahapatra
    Aribam Syam Sharma

    Two from the above list had returned the award in 2015, citing their anguish at the growing intolerance.

    There are others who refused to accept the award - 6 of those who refused the award did so in recent years (read in 2015 and post that year).

    Can Neeru Bhatt provide clarification sought by KVRR?

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    It is not an insult to the government or the recipients, but surely an insult to the award that was awarded to a person who is unfit to hold the award. I do not know whether Padma carries any cash award or not. It can be clarified by our members.
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    If this is true then this is really not understandable; what is the purpose of such partial giving back of the honor? I don't know how right or wrong do they stand with all their logic, ideologies and reasoning, but I guess they can keep the award as a record and return the appreciation money instead. It may come in some good use when it will come in good hands (hard to find though - irony).

    Quoting this part of your post, "I don't object to this but is it true that the money being aligned with the awards to those intellectuals were never got returned", I also want to bring it to your notice that many people who are given awards do not keep the associated money with themselves. They rather donate it for some charity or other social work. In such a case, I do not see as to why we should be asking them to return awarded money also. However, I would agree that returning awards for political stunts is not really something which should be encouraged in any manner. They can show their rage in some other ways also. But the current game seems totally planned to seek a lot of attention, nothing else.

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