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    Do you think to earn money is the ultimate in our lives

    These days we are observing mad rush among the people for earning money. People are hardly spending any time with their families and friends. Everyone is struggling hours together for earning money. To some extent, it can be tolerated.

    But some people will not give any importance to values or ethics. They never bother about the other people in society and they never hesitate to harm others if they have the chance of earning money.
    The ultimate is earning money for them

    How far it is correct? What will we do with the money that is in the bank accounts? That will not come with us when we leave this world. Do you think to earn money is the ultimate?
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    There is no doubt that earning money is one of the most important aspect in our lives. Everyone works to get money and then acquire materialistic pleasures with it. Money is important because money makes the mare go.

    Most of the people remain busy throughout their life earning money and then one fine day they find that they were only doing that and did nor pursue their hobbies or interests or other things which also give solace to our life. Though they have earned money but this feeling makes them to feel that that did not live the life in a normal and balanced style.

    But it is too late to realise that and they leave this world without anything else to their credit except earning money.

    The lust of money is never ending. I remember the story 'How much land does a man require?' by L. Tolstoy in which a person is given free hand to acquire as much land as possible by the sunset and in his greed he dies on the way with exertion and fatigue.

    So earning money is a good thing, it is essential also but the lust for it and earn it by any means is a bad sign.

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    Money is required to meet our needs. But needs are different from person to person. For some people needs are unlimited. These people keep accumulating wealth, one fine day they are no more. During their life time they had all the tension in them in managing the wealth and as a result they acquire all the health problems.

    What is required in life is happiness. Accumulating wealth to our children is not at all required. By this we are making them lazy. We need to provide them proper education. Every individual is competent to lead their life. We human being need to learn from Birds and animals. Birds take care of its chicks only for certain period. After that mother kicks them out fly and find food on its own. Similarly animals also.

    Whereas we human beings accumulate wealth not only for our children, but also for next several generations.

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    Some people are greedy and go on accumulating wealth through their business enterprises and other efforts and do not realize what they will do with all that wealth.

    In fact some of them move to philanthrophy and donate large amounts to social and charitable institutions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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