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    Whom do you choose - one who is honest and sincere or one with whom we are affiliated?

    A voter has option of choosing a candidate as per his will. It is entirely his personal outlook and judgement. People may come to him and approach and request but finally he will use his own wisdom to cast a vote.

    Now sometimes a situation comes where the voter sees that there are candidates having different personalities and virtues inherent in them. But the voter is in a doldrum as to cast the vote in whose favour.

    There may be a conspicuous candidate honest, sincere and progressive and there may be one a mediocre but the voter has close affiliation with him.

    Whom should the voter vote for? Please give your comment.
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    As a voter we need to exercise our franchise with utmost care. The decision of the voters matters a lot. The people whom we elect will become the policy makers for the Country. Therefore our vote is very precious. The future of the Country is on our hands. Elect sincere, honest, non-corrupt candidates.
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    I will give more importance to one who is honest and sincere. The elected representative of the people should be honest. He should work for the people honestly and without expecting anything in return from them. They should be loyal to the post they were given. Then comes the Sincerity. He should be sincere in discharging his duties. He should show any difference between known and unknown people. The deserving case should get benefitted.
    But we will not find these days any candidate who is really a sincere guy. Very difficult to find out an honest guy also. In the absence of such candidates, we may adopt the attitude of selecting the best out of available. In such cases, if we know a candidate among all the people we will go and vote for him.
    But many people go by party. They will not see who is the candidate but they will see to which party he belongs. There is another way of selection by the party to which the candidate belongs. If I support a particular party, even though I don't know about the candidate, I will go and vote for that particular Party candidate.

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    It is a difficult decision to make as one with whom we are having affiliation or friendship or hope to get some favour will definitely be unhappy if he comes to know that we have not voted for him.

    But at the same time a person who will not favour us but work for the overall growth of the society and the country is a better candidate. So though it is a difficult decision but I will also go with the sincere and honest one.

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