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    Are It raids proper during election time?

    The IT raids in Karnataka have kicked up a storm. This rather selective targeting of political opponents is not in good taste. Why not raid the most corrupt Yeddy as well? After all, his record of corruption has no parallel in South India and sits pretty along the Mannargudi Mafia of Tamil Nadu.

    The much larger question is this: is the Central Government doing all that is possible to somehow win in Karnataka? The Congress-JD(U) combine does not have any angel. Yet, the way the raids have been conducted points out to some wider agenda. The role of the biggest bully in India, called Amit Shah, whose record of dealing in black money is now being debated on social media everywhere, also needs attention. He has just bargained with the ruling party in Tamil Nadu and the black money from BJP has reportedly reached many of the candidates.

    What do members have to say on this IT raid?
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    For doing raids there is no specific time. Whenever the agencies get information they will raid.

    If agencies feel that after election the person may use his contacts and escape raid then they will prefer to do it before elections.

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    Raids are conducted by the administrative authorities and not by any political authority. So, raids can be conducted at any time. It does not depend upon election(s). If raids are stopped during an election, it would open floodgates of corruption. We may also hear the demand of not arresting criminals (for criminal activities like murder, dacoity, rape) during the election(s).
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    IT raids cannot be planned overnight. The Officials concerned gather details over a period of time. It may be coincidence that this time it happened during the election time. The politicians always take advantage of the situation to divert the minds of people and depict themselves as if they are clan of Sathya Harishchandra.

    The doubts arises in the minds of the people since nothing happens after the raid. Many IT raids have taken place earlier, but what is the action taken against such people. They continue to be in public life and active in politics.

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    Why any of us are so much interested in these raids. The matter is simple that in case of some suspicion show the documents to the officials & the matter would be resolved but the problem is that instead of this the political parties go on politicizing the matter & media raise the issues to attract more TRP in their favor but with the fact that the huge cry by them simply indicates their involvements in the illegal activities which needs to get investigated & this is what these investigative agencies are meant for.

    Don't we feel that the same is the case in the famous National Herald scam in which the Rahul Gandhi along with few others are on bail & even after many times unable to come-up with the proper documents.

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    Such raids at this crucial juncture of the election are not justified, but is justified if the raid is for all, irrespective of their party they belong. Ruling party take it as a strength to put down their opponents. This will not work. A tax evader is always a tax evader. They will have their own loopholes and escape routes to come out as Mr. Clean.
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    There is no relation between IT raids and political scenario outside. During election time also raids can be conducted. It is the duty of the IT department to see that all people pay the tax as per the norms. If someone is accumulating more money and tax is not being paid or income is not shown properly also, the IT department will conduct an enquiry and take necessary action. We need not to blame the Central government for this.
    If I have everything right, why should I worry about IT raids? I will show the documents whatever they ask. But these Political leaders make a lot of noise and say some victimisation and all that. But it is not correct. They want everything to be related to politics
    After the raids are conducted what happens is not known. All these channels also try to take advantage and telecast unnecessary issue and give them more importance. As a citizen paying tax to the last paise I earn, I support IT raids on tax evaders always.

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    I am unable to make out why political parties are politicizing the IT raids. Next, the politicians will also protest saying that no arrest should made by the police in case of any crime during the election time. Politicians should allow the Government bodies to function independently without any interference. Why politicians are worried about the raids, if they are honest?.
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    Definitely these attacks targeted at opposition parties members only is a clear indication of BJP tricks. Time a and again it is using this trick to silence opposition voice. Why these raids are not there even on a single BJP party member? Are these people are so honest?

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    Income Tax raids are always proper. Even if we consider that this is election time, unearthing black money is good because otherwise this ill-gotten cash would have been used to influence voters and purchase votes by dishonest candidates.

    If anyone has any objection to these Income Tax raids, he/she can very well knock the doors of High Court/Supreme Court.

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    The Income Tax Department has every right to conduct raids based on the information it gets. The problem is with the selective raids on the political opponents. The raids conducted by the IT Department in the past five years point to this as observed by the author. The Government Departments should work within their rules and framework but not at the behest of someone. These raids are only pressure tactics considering the timing. Not much importance should be given to these raids.
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    People are bit confused with the raids and the statements being made by the politicians. Politicians who are affected claim that it is political vendetta. Whereas the party in power claim that IT dept is doing their duties. Whom we should believe?.
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    It raids should be conducted regularly every day surprisingly. All the Ministers, MPs and MLAs irrespective of their party should be raided. On each day, one MP and one MLA from each state should be targetted. No political leaders should be exempted from the raid.
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    Whenever IT department gets some concrete information, they conduct search operation. It is usual thing. I do not think that it is happening just before the election time.

    Throughout the year we read stories of search and interrogation by IT sleuths. If the person is influential and financially powerful he might try the connections in the Govt but today after the joining of Mr Modi as PM these connections are lying low and are fearful of getting caught. Many corrupt people are keeping a low profile and simply waiting for the change of regime so that they can start their earlier ways of working.

    So the situation is conducive for the IT executives to search the doubtful people without any fear.

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