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    SuN's good advice to all ISC Members

    It is very important to keep certain important information that we cannot afford to lose them. At times, we forget our E- mail ID, User ID and passwords if not used for a long time. It is very difficult to recover them. Also, there could be other important information to have them recorded.

    In ISC, there is a section called "My Notes". You can record all such essential information in this section. I would say that it is a safe storage locker available to you, and none other than you can access it.

    My humble suggestion/request/advice to you - Please, Kindly make use of the 'My Notes" facility provided to you by ISC.
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    That is a very bad advice. ISC does not have a high level of data security and it would be highly stupid to store sensitive information like your passwords on the My Notes feature of ISC.

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    Can you get into my 'My Notes' and grasp the information and place it here?

    If done, I shall accept it as bad advice.

    My notes will not be visible to other members except for WMs who are the guard for ISCian. The information relevant to ISC activities such as important URLs can be stored here without fear. And if you fear of getting leaked, do not save other important personal information in 'My Notes'.

    Also, to ensure safety and security, create your own codes to hide the exact information in a coded form. No one will get into code-breaking activities of any members code.

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    Due to my nature of work, I prefer separate email accounts for different purposes. I always prefer Gmail email addresses and currently have 3-4 email accounts which are frequently used. All the work, sign-ups at different websites and the associated data is classified based on their purposes. Hence, each email address has been used for the appropriate purpose. This does not only help me deal with the inbox clutter (Khichdi) but also saves me from finding a blog related email between tens of personal emails, or an important code related email in between tens of different emails. Everything is damn organised.

    And then, I have a parent email account which I never ever forget. I have associated my phone number and this email with all other email accounts as well. I never use any lockers or password managers and carefreely use passwords and forget them. Even if I forget any password, be it of NetFlix or ISC or any other place, I stay clear that I will get it back anyway.

    For many websites which ask us to have an account before using them, I do the same. Resetting passwords has become my default way of logging into many places. It also enables an additional layer of security to my profiles on these sites because my passwords keep changing from time to time.

    This is my question for the follow-up answers to your post:
    I am 99.99 percent sure of never losing my accounts. And you? :)

    Ank Arya

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    I maintain a separate book to have all the information. That book is not available even to my family members. Wherever necessary, I use my own unbreakable easy to remember code. I keep a record of important URLs in 'My Notes' section.
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    I will not talk about the security and safety of the information you placed in My notes section of Indiastudychannel. But by chance, if you forget the email ID and password of your account, you can't open your ISC account. In such case what is to be done. Personally, I feel we should write the information in a personal book and keep it confidentially so that no one can access that book.
    I do that way only. Otherwise, it is becoming difficult to remember all the information. I thought of keeping them on my laptop. But I thought it is safe to write in a book and keep it in a place so that no one else can access it. Maximum my wife may see that book and it will not make any difference for me.
    Different people will use different technologies. Some will write in a code language so that no one else will understand the correct word even someone reads it.

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    Sorry, Mr. SuN. I don't think this is a good advice. At least, some people (at Webmaster/Editor level) can have access to your private records. This should not be done.
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    Of course, the login ID and password to get into ISC need not be noted in My notes. It won't help us. ISC login ID & Password should be noted somewhere else or should be easily rememberable one.
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