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    When was the last time you saw a marriage where there was all fun?

    This wedding happened at least thirty months ago at Chennai. It was a typical Tamil Brahmin wedding, but the relatives on both sides made it all fun. There was so much of caring and sharing. Someone carried a huge amount of tablets with him and even took the advice of the doctor in the crowd of relatives to immediately treat someone who had some problem!! The rooms were airconditioned and one of the persons went around with an AC mechanic checking that everything was perfect. A couple of young boys had a big trip sheet, with full details of the relatives to be picked up from the railway station. There was a big army of youth who went around asking the guests what they wanted. The coordination was amazing. It later turned out that one of the maternal uncles of the girl was a college professor who had done so much to the youth of the college. Many were employed in the city. They had applied for four days leave and were on the job!!

    This is real fun. Just this morning, when a relative rang up, we remembered every single event and the fun that was part of it all. Have you seen the fun in such weddings?
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    In most of the marriages, the relatives and friends have fun. I have unadulterated fun in many marriages, sometime even for 3-4 days. But, in case of very near relatives, people have to share responsibilities and the fund quotient becomes a little bit less.
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    Many times in marriages there will be a lot of fun. There will be jokes between brothers in law and sisters in law. Too many jokes between relatives and friends and everyone will enjoy the occasion very well. In the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh in the marriages, there will be a group of people who will be busy playing cards. They never bother what is happening around and they don't even come to bless the couple.
    The total function will be organised very well. The duties will be assigned to individuals to do during the function. They will be doing their own duties. It is a good chance to meet many of our relatives also. Generally, I will not avoid attending these functions.

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    Once I visited Secunderabad to attend a marriage of my close friend. It was an inter-caste marriage. A dark boy of my friend and a very fair brahmin girl got entangled in love affairs and proposed their marriage despite opposition from their family members. However, the function went on well as per brahmin customs& tradition. This was the first marriage function I attended in Andhra Pradesh. I enjoyed it fully.
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    Marriage functions in our country are generally a fun time. The dresses, the food, the dances, the songs and the gathering everything is full of fun and frolic.

    Earlier parents were arranging everything but the trend is changing now the boy and the girl themselves decide the dresses, the program, the venue and things like that.

    It is being executed like a project. The cost of the marriage functions are also increasing and only a few are able to withstand that type of expenditure.

    I have attended some of such marriage functions where the average expenditure was about Rs 20-30 lakhs.

    Earlier we were fixing the day by consulting a priest. Nowadays they are preferring valentines day to marry to have the love live eternally. So society is changing in many ways and pomp and show is also increasing with time. The fun element is also enhanced significantly.

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    I have attended some marriages and it was such a great fun that we yearn more for such occasions.

    The lighting, the dazzling lights, the group dances etc have their own enjoyment. These are the unforgettable memories.

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