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    No doubt, Modi will be Prime Minister of India after 2019 election. Astrology confirms.

    I have questioned many astrologers I met as to who would be the PM of India from 2019. 90 percent of the astrologers assured and confirmed that our Present Prime Minister Narendra Modi would continue his second term as Prime Minister of India. The planets Pluto and Uranus are in favour of Modi.

    What is your or your astrologers prediction, please.
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    Last month I and my family members went to our native place. Near our native place in a small village, we have a Guru who is a verygood devotee of Lord Subrahmanyeswara. He knows astrology also. We went to see him also during that trip. During the course of the discussion, some talks on politics also took place. In thst process, he told that Modi will be the Prime Minister this time also. My belief is that whatever he says will definitely happen. It is my experience also. So I feel Modi will become the PM again.
    Some may believe and some may not believe astrology. So many people brush it aside. That is why I never told this information to anybody. As the author raised a topic on the same issue I thought I should mention the information what I got.
    Anyhow, we will wait and see. In Andhra and Telangana the elections are in the first phase itself that is on 11th April.

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    Well, if the astrological predictions are to be accepted, then there is no need for conducting this general election. Why should we spend money, amounting to several crores for this general election.
    I may be wrong, but being a person believing in Science and thinking scientifically, cannot go after these types of predictions.


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    Astrology too is a science based on astronomy. It is a God's gift bestowed on the people to know their fate. This is applicable to an individual, a group or an object. This cannot be taken as an authority to form a government, in this egoistic world where everyone aspires to become something. Hence, election is the proper way to select the right candidate. Astrology supports the system indirectly.
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    There are two types of sciences - one is the modern science like Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Medical, Geography etc and the other is the traditional ones based on the wisdom and observational knowledge of our ancestors. The examples of the latter are Astrology, Homeopathy, Accupuncture, Tarrot cards, Horoscope, Planchet, Palmistry, Reincarnation etc.

    The latter types are very interesting as they do not have any scientific support but they are in practice by people since ages. Another thing is in different communities and societies they have different notions and manifestations. The predictions based on the latter type are more and less statistical in nature.

    So whether one believes in them or not, they are there. Believing them is a totally personal choice.

    Now coming to the success percentage of these predictions, as they are statistical in nature, they vary case to case basis.

    I have one interesting personal case in this regard that when I was in my high school the priest examined my horoscope and told that next 6-7 years are going to be very tough, risky and challenging and after that everything will be all right.

    My parents were worried but being a studious student I forgot it and was busy in my school. During the said 6-7 years I had the best time of my life and I always got good division in all the exams and got scholarships and prizes and many accolades. It was the golden period. I was flying high.

    As soon as that 6-7 years time was over I was in a big problem as job position was off fully bad in the country and I had to struggle for even a menial job. The financial position of my parents was not good to support me even after the completion of my education. I struggled for 4-5 years here and there cursing that priest and finally I got a break and then it was back to the normal.

    So the so called sciences with statistical nature of predictions are to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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    Whatever is said and done there is a supernatural power which controls the entire universe and beyond. There are certain facts which is beyond the imagination of normal human beings. We may information about our solar system and may be about some stars. What existing beyond that?. Where is the end?. This is beyond the imagination of normal human beings. Therefore it may not be fair to say Astrology is right or wrong.

    As far Narendra Modi's election is concerned it is in the hands of voters. Voters will decide whether he should be re-elected or not. If he has done good work, definitely voters will decide positively , otherwise not.

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