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    Play with an infant and forget all the worries

    Am one of those men whose skills are not very good at keeping the kitchen so very well organized. By the time my wife comes home, a few bottles would have changed places or a few of the big rack items would have been kept in different places. It is not deliberate. Try as hard as I might, it just does not work out well.

    Enough reason for my wife to give me a good piece of her mind. Have you not learned the 5S concept in your office? Have you ever entered the kitchen when your mother would do all the cooking? Such questions would fly in such a fast fashion and this could put even Rajnikant to shame. Even he can't hit the bad guys so fast!!

    Well, on one such recent instance, she had gone out to work, and a very old friend came calling. The husband and wife had a lovely two-year-old daughter. The next three hours went in a flash. The driver arrived at the right time and it was easy to organize some good cakes from a local bakery. The child was up to big mischief as most children of that age are up to. Naturally. The walls were decorated with some modern art as well. The child made me forget all the worries. I quickly ordered the mother not to reprimand the child at all.

    My wife entered the house in the evening and had a big laugh when I told her about the child. The family was not known to my wife so well. They had met in a marriage for a few minutes. Yet, she was able to connect. Surprisingly, my wife forgot all the bad temper of the morning and soaked in the fun of whatever the child had done. The mother rang up, profusely apologizing to my wife, for all the mischief of the child. My wife just said that our own daughter would have done five times the same damage and she knew!! She recollected all those good days as well.

    Infants can make a big difference to our happiness. Have you experienced this?
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    Children are children and we have to accept there mischiefs in their innocent ways. When you have children in the house the time flies like that and you are always on the alert lest he does some new unintentional mischief.

    Parents like their children above anything in this world. One should be very careful in banging the other children as their parents will never like it.

    In our scriptures children are thought to be the form of Godliness and their innocence and openness entitles them all the forgiving.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I too like playing with small children particularly small babies. Small children and Babies , generally do not like to be attended by any stranger. It is an art to get the attention of them. Your smile, body language , appearance makes all the difference.

    The time spent with these small kids is really enjoyable. Their smile , actions, play, talk will take us to different world.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    It is correct. Presently I am experiencing the same in my house. My granddaughter is around one and a half years old. She is very active. Most of the time in the house will be spent with her. Her deeds are a feast to eyes to watch. She is able to identify which article in the house belongs to which member of the house. If a cell phone rings she will bring it and give it to the concerned. Even the washed and dried clothes she will identify and ask the particular member of the family to take it. If I use the cell phone of others or anybody uses the cellphone of others in the house she will not accept. She will go and pull the phone and give it to its owner. The house will be full of joy and active when she is playing. If she sleeps the entire house will be silent only.
    She wants to go with me out wherever I go and she likes roaming around. Now we are all getting addicted to playing with her.
    It is the best part of one's life. No bad thoughts about anybody else. No responsibilities and no burdens. Eat timely and play happily. The problems will start to infants once they start going to schools.

    always confident

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    It is a natural instinct that we immensely love our kids and pass the time with them with their small actions.

    The birth of child in the house changes the whole environment and everyone starts feeling as if there is a purpose of life for them. People really enjoy playing with the kids.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Playing with child/children helps us to forget all misery or pain. We also become child-like if we continue playing with children regularly for one hour or more everyday. Not only that, we can also learn common sense from the children, which is remarkably absent among us (the elderly people).
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    Infant children are equivalent to God. Do we blame, abuse, scold, curse and beat God? No. We tolerate everything in our life leaving it to God and keep pleasing God. Similarly, we tolerate, bear and enjoy the nonsense of children thinking it as a godly act.

    "Kulanthaiyum Deivamum Gunathaal Onru"(A Tamil song) Infants and God are of the same character.

    No life without Sun

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    Due to various responsibilities, it seems I am forgetting to laugh. I am always overburdened but the moment l step into my balcony, I feel relaxed.
    There are a few little kids around my neighbourhood. I start talking to them, make some hilarious sounds with them and have a hearty laugh. It works as a dose of happiness in my life.


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