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    Mobile Phone a boon or bane?

    Mobile phones have invaded in to everyone's life. A luxury once upon a time, now it has become so cheaper and affordable by anyone. We had life earlier without phones and now people feel that they have no life without mobile phones. Recently in one of the accidents , I saw one patient seriously injured was taken on a stretcher to Hospital , waving to someone to hand over his Mobile phone.

    In my personal experience I always feel that Mobile phones are really headache. Whenever, the mobile phone rings up I become tensed up to know who has called. But in most of the time they are unsolicited calls.

    The mobile phones have advantages and disadvantages. It is up to us to use them for our advantage. But my fear is about use of Mobile phones by our younger generation. They are so addicted to the phones, and without mobile phones they feel like fish out of water. We also observe in social gatherings that , each person mostly youngsters will always busy in looking at their mobile handsets, than any conversations.

    How we should use the Mobiles phones for our advantage. What would be the restictions?. What control we should excercise?
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    Mobile phones are very useful items but at the same time their addiction is harmful to us in many ways.

    Today some people are so much addicted with social media or gaming or online entertainment that they have to consult a psychologist for getting rid of this addiction.

    What is required is discipline and control in our life if we really want to control this demon. We must use it for limited purpose and it is advisable to keep it away during some hours like morning meditation and exercise timings.

    Mobile phone should not make us its slave. If we are doing some serious work it is mandatory to keep it away in silent mode otherwise it will suddenly ring and will affect our focus and concentration.

    Children and retired persons are more prone to this addiction and the parents should ensure that they use it for a limited period.

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    The mobile phone is a Boon but we are making its bane. we are using it excessively, in a different way. some of our ways are harmful to us and to others. some time harm is also intentionally.

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    The mobile phone is a boon. It made our life easy. We are able to do many works through this mobile phone and we are able to save a lot of time. The time what we saved will be utilised for many other productive works. By doing many works on our mobiles we need not move out for many works. It should result in a decrease in traffic on the roads. So pollution will also come down as fuel consumption will come down.

    But unfortunately, we are wasting our time unnecessarily on these cell phones. We chat with people without any purpose. We spend on social media and waste our time. We play games on this. So we are only utilising mobile phones without any purpose and we are making our children to get addicted to these mobiles.

    This is the fault of the individuals but not the fault of the phone. One should know how to make use of the technological developments that are happening around. But instead of that, we are abusing the development and we are blaming the technology rather than appreciating the invention and using it for our well being and development.

    Don't think that mobiles are waste. They have many advantages.

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    Those who use mobile phone judiciously, this instrument is boon for them. Those who misuse it 24x7, it is a bane for them. This is true for every instrument.
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    Any gadget is useful till we become slave of it. If its excessive use is harming us then it is an alarming state.

    Today many people have fallen prey to this evil whether it is violent games or social media.

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    The judicious use of mobile phone is very much essential. There is no doubt that there are many advantages of mobile phones. But there are disadvantages too.
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