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    Is Indian English pronunciation sufficient for our purposes?

    There was a time when Britishers had colonies in so many places in the world. The English language was adopted by the local people in their own way and English had its so many dialects and pronunciation all over the world.

    In India, Britishers had a long inning and we also adopted English from them. The pronunciation of Indian English is different than the British or American English. In fact this is the mechanism by which the new variations of languages emerge.

    Some of the English medium schools in India advocate to teach the correct pronunciation of the words as per the British or American way and the students learn that. In general schools there is no such training and people talk in Indian English among themselves.

    I feel that Indian English has already reached a respectable clientele and has its own pronunciation system evolved with time. In such a situation we should adopt it as it is rather then condemning it for its different pronunciation and emphasis.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    Yes. I agree. There is a lot of difference in pronunciation. As long as we are in India we can manage with our pronunciation. But when we go to other countries, those people may not be able to follow you or we may not be able to follow those people. This is mainly due to the difference in the pronunciation of Indians and other country's people.
    As mentioned by the author, we need not practice the pronunciation methodology of other countries. We are many people and we all will speak in our own pronunciation and it can be convenient to understand other people's talks in India and even in other countries also. As such we need not copy the pronunciation of other countries. We may have to talk a little slow so that the other person will catch your words. If you make it fast the other person may not be comfortable with you.

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    I also feel that Indian English has been already established in the global scenario and our orators are accepted worldwide.

    There is no need for us to panic and as suggested by Dr Rao we must speak in it albeit in a slow and clear tone. We should feel proud of our Indian English rather than feeling ashamed of it.

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    As experienced by me, the British and Americans can follow Indian English which is very clear. Whereas, it is difficult to understand the British and American English as they have different pronunciation. Yet Indians are capable of understanding any tough English of any pronunciation.
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    I feel Indian English pronunciation is not only sufficient but it is even better than the Britishers. I love it, I love it even better than the British and American accent. I have found Indian pronunciation easily understandable and impressive. So, why should anyone feel ashamed of speaking with Indian English accent? We should feel great!
    Other accents may be tough to understand but Indian English is easily understood almost by most people. Keep up with Indian English and make it famous in the world.

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