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    Time Bank A good Concept

    The Time Bank concept is from Switzerland. This is developed by the Swiss Federal Ministry of Social Security. This is what I heard. But how far it is true is not known. But I like the concept.
    The government can open a Time Bank where we can have an account of our time utilised for serving the old people who are in need of some service. We can serve the people and the same time can be deposited in our bank account. If anybody is in need of some service the bank will inform you and you can go and give your service. The time spent will get accumulated in our account. When you are in need of some service you can withdraw that time by informing the bank and the bank will depute somebody who is interested in serving you. It is a very good concept. So people who just retired can utilise this chance and serve the people who are in need and who are around 80 years. So there will be some time deposit in your account and once you cross 80years if you are in need you can utilise the hours available and you need not join in old age home and other places.
    I like to know the ideas of other people on this concept and like to know whether this system can be implemented in our country.
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    This is really a noble concept to help each other.
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    It is really a great concept. To serve the humanity and in the process get time credit. I think other countries should imbibe this scheme in their social network.

    Earning money is one thing but the idea of earning time in lieu of good work is novel thing.

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    It is a good concept and will work in small countries, but I doubt whether it will work in thickly populated large countries like India.
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    I find this concept interesting. I hope the Government of India will bring this concept in our country also in near future.
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    I have read about it in a newspaper, but can't remember when and in which newspaper I read about this unique concept.
    It would be wonderful if it gets started in India too. What bothers me is that the practice of such a helpful concept might lead to an increase in crime.
    In India, old people are the soft targets and so when a person starts coming to look after an old person, gradually develops a bond and earns faith then the caregiver might ploy against the old. I don't mean everyone will do so but some could take advantage so the concept must be practised with a strong security check.


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