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    How many times you honk every day?

    In most of the cities there is considerable increase in noise pollution. We find in busy traffic, people continuously honk without any purpose. They know very well that the vehicle before them cannot give way because its blocked by other vehicles in front. I have seen some people even honking at the traffic signal.

    When someone honk behind they get irritated. But same person does it for the vehicle before him. Why the drivers become more sensible and use the horn judiciously?. This will reduce the noise pollution drastically.
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    I do not have any capability to honk. My car has this ability. But it travels less and honks reluctantly.
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    Unnecessary honking is an ill mannered thing and disgruntled, dissatisfied and frustrated people do it. Intentional honking and irritating others reflect the character of a person. It shows that the person is having some psychological knot in his brain and requires counselling.

    Sadistic and criminal people also do this type of things. No good citizen will do such foolish and irresponsible acts.

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    Our vehicle should honk only when there is a real need. My good old Padmini has three different horns. One strong, one mild and one combined. She won't honk during the night. Her headlights serve the purpose. During the day she honks only when she has to turn more than 30 degrees to the left or right.

    In Bengaluru, I don't honk but hear the honk of the trains. My home is located a few yards from the railway station. Every day I hear more than 300 heavy honks. While approaching the station, while passing the station and while departing from the station, they blow the horn. Now I am habituated of hearing honks which are like music to me.

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    It is true. one should use the horn as much low as possible. Sometime when we hear the sound of the vehicles we will get irritated. In some countries, if somebody used a horn without any necessity, they will be fined heavily. So they never use horn unless otherwise, it is very essential. The vehicles will be going on and there is no traffic congestion and there will be no traffic hurdles.
    But in India, we are accustomed to using this horn as many times as possible. This causes a headache. I ask my driver not to use horn unnecessarily. When I was sitting in the vehicle he will be very careful. He will not use the horn as he likes.
    This talks about the lack of discipline in the people who drive the vehicle. They don't bother for the problems of others. They want to reach their destination as early as possible. I think in our country also the usage of the horn should be restricted and violators should get punished. Then this sound pollution problem will come down.
    India is very poor in implementing rules and regulations for the drivers and their vehicles I think.

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    Nobody wishes to hear this irritating sound frequently. It is a one of the problems of noise pollution, people have to control and stop blowing honks unnecessarily. It is frustrating to get blown up with lound and unnecessary honking.
    I was very much offended with Bengaluru traffic mess where traffic was intense and even irritating by honks. There must be some traffic regulations in place to stop exaggeration of honking on the roads and at traffic signals.

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    I hate honking. We should honk when it is really required and there is no other way.

    Some people honk just like that. It is very irritating and offending also. I have not understood the psychology of people who have a habit of honking without reason.

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    Every driver on the road should remember always to use the horn very judiciously without troubling others. This will reduce the noise pollution and also make the driving pleasant.
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