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    If you control the tongue, you have controlled all the senses.

    It is said that weigh your tongue before you speak. This is a very important thing because if a person or a gathering is hurt due to our talks then there is embarrassment and uneasiness and it takes a lot of efforts in rectifying it with apologies or feeling sorry.

    It means we must be very alert in what we are talking. A balanced talk requires a lot of discipline and patience to keep control on one's tongue.

    I have listened to the speeches of great leaders and orators and most of the times we find that not even a single sentence in that is ambiguous or misleading.

    So controlling tongue is required for a positive and fruitful communication but it requires efforts to do that.

    Do you also think that we should control our tongue?
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    Words are not sparrows, once they have flown they cannot be recaptured. We need to think before we utter any word. The cause of many disputes and conflict is mainly due to wrong use of words. Therefore we need to have better control on our tongue. I have seen many people without much of talent lead a successful in life and they come out of the problems very easily wherever they go. Whereas some people get in to deeper problems because of their talk.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    A word slipped off from our tongue can't be taken back. A hit may cause physical damage which can be rectified. But a bad word came out of our mouth can't be taken back. Afterwards, we may say sorry. But the damage has already happened and you can't easily rectify the same. That is why we should not slip off our tongue is very dangerous. So when we speak we should speak very carefully and the use of proper words is very very important.
    The mistake of the tongue will affect our back. This is a saying in Telugu. If you use a bad word at someone, he will come and hit you on your back. So to upkeep the safety of your back also you must be very careful. You can't use words just like that as you like.
    Some people to hurt others intentionally use very bad words. They cause a lot of embrassement. Some people tolerate to some extent and then he will answer in a fitting manner. Sisupala scolded Krishna. Krishan tolerated 100 scoldings as per the word he has given to his aunt. Once the 100 mistakes are over he killed Sisupala. This is a good example to understand the importance of our words.

    always confident

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    Those who talk more sometimes do mistakes and offences and it becomes embarrassing for them to correct it later.

    So, the best thing is to talk only when required. It needs discipline but it is very useful as we do not commit mistakes in our life just by uttering some unwanted words.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The tongue provides us the opportunity to speak and we should use it properly. The tongue is a powerful organ in our body. It raises a person to the highest degree of respect but the same can bring you down to dust if not properly used! Speaker has to bear the brunt of the bitterness of a tongue from the other people if his own slips and speaks irrationally about anyone or anything. The tongue can bring shame for the one who floats nasty and derogatory language against anyone.

    A word of love and sympathy elevates the listener, and the speaker becomes a winner and everyone loves him for sharing sweetness from his tongue. Think before you speak" is an apt and appropriate quote. Unnecessarily and recklessly speaking is the sure way to degrade one's own self from people. Once a person shoots a word, good or bad, none can bring it back to rectify it.

    Always desist from speaking the derogatory language and share words of love. The tongue gives us an opportunity to speak but it is a one-time offer to speak good or bad. Words once spoken can't be taken back. So, speak cautiously and share the love!

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