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    Which part of the day you use for ISC activities?

    There are different types of members in ISC. Retired, housewives, employed and students. They will have their own time pattern to contribute in ISC.

    For example I am a housewife and I find half an hour in the morning, 2-3 hours in day time and another half to one hour in the evening and usually take out some time from those slots for contributing here.

    What about you? What is your time pattern to submit contributions in ISC? Can you share it here?
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    Earlier I used to write in the early morning (1 hour-2 hour), in the afternoon (1 hour) and at night (1hour-2 hour). But now I have drastically reduced my ISC activities because of various reasons. So, now I spend less time in ISC, but I do read most of the posts even now.
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    I would say that I am available at ISC 7/24. I mean approximately seven hours a day. one hour before and one hour after breakfast, 2 hours after lunch, one hour before and one hour after dinner, and one hour during tea breaks.
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    These days, especially since 2 years I am not finding time to contribute in ISC or do any work that I am interested in. My daughter is close to 2 years and that keeps me busy all the days. From house hold work to 10 hours office and again back to house I find it difficult to manage my time. And if I want to use my phone, it will be taken away from my daughter by throwing her tantrums. This keeps me away from contributing anything. I have hardly contributed anything in these 2 years when I find a little time for myself. But there is not a single day were I do not come to ISC. I check the ISC and go through forum posts almost every single day without fail.

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    I am a retired person and depending upon my health I will be choosing different hours of the day for this activity. Lately, I am able to give some time in early morning, some in afternoon and some in late evening.

    Sometimes I only work in the evening to late night especially when I have to submit a contest entry at the eleventh hour.

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    That depends. Mainly I will be on ISC after 12 Noon and before 5 PM. During this time I will spend 2 to 3 hours on ISC. From the office, I will be back to the house by 6 PM. Again I may open my computer for an hour or so after 7 and before 10 PM.
    My granddaughter will be waiting for me and I have to spare some time for her. She wanted to see various videos of animals and other kid-related items. I have to be with her at least an hour after coming back home.
    In the morning times, I don't find any time as I have to get up, do my exercise and then Pooja and getting ready to the office. So generally I will be on my laptop only after 10 AM. From 10 AM, I have to attend my office works.
    But I will try to complete my office works by 12 NOON and then start seeing the other sites and my emails.

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