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    A fabulous Hotel chain, an astrologer and a success story turned bitter

    Saravana Bhavan. This name spells magic in Chennai. The only "go-to" restaurant of the upper middle class ( never go in if you don't have two thousand rupees for a good breakfast for four people), was the brainchild of a single man called Rajagopal, who started just a small hotel by the same name, decades ago.

    It has been documented that he never felt bad for all initial losses. The standard was too good and the customers started coming in. In thousands. His empire grew beyond India. To the USA, Singapore, and the UK. And a few other countries.

    This ten thousand crore chain ( according to trade sources) has enabled a personal worth of Rajagopal to touch five thousand crores. He should have been satisfied with his two wives. But some stupid astrologer suggested to him that he should re-marry a particular girl, the daughter of one Asst. Manager, employed under him. This rather beautiful girl already had fallen in love with one Prince Santhakumar and married him. Rajagopal threatened him to keep away, as he wanted to marry his wife!! Sadly, Rajagopal was made to believe that his business empire would grow by leaps and bounds if he married her.

    Prince would not buckle under pressure. Rajagopal hired goons to kidnap and murder Prince, in 2001. The trial court give a ten-year sentence to Rajagopal. This gentleman went to High Court, which revised the sentence to a life sentence. On appeal, the Supreme Court has now upheld his life sentence.

    This is a big lesson. Never believe any astrologer. And never ever fall for any woman, outside of marriage. A fabulous hotel chain now has its owner, who has to cool his heels in jail, starting July 2019.
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    Doesn't matter. The prediction was not for RG but for HSB. His hotel business is still expanding and has given job opportunity to many a thousand people. While his staff enjoys their life, he enjoys life counting the bars. His third marriage did not help him personally, but helped others. The public enjoys his hotel service. Rajagopal will be in jail, not Saravana Bhavan.
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    True that astrology should not be believed as it is misleading most of the time. Also when we believe in our strength and hard work, nothing matters.
    No doubt, even today saravana bhavan stands out to be best and I never miss a chance to visit that hotel on a trip to tamil nadu. If the owner remained happy and contented with what he achieved he would be enjoying the benefits today with his family instead of counting bars.

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    We can't make a general statement saying that astrology can't be believed just based on one stupid person and his adviser. There are many cases where the predictions went very well. So we can't say it is 100% correct. All depends on the accuracy in the timing and the ability of the predictor.
    When you use this astrology for unethical practices, you will be left with problems like this only. So one should not do this type of works. How a person can murder a candidate for his selfish reasons and people are connecting this to astrological predictions.
    The greediness of the individual has spoiled him. He had good wealth and his business is going very well and he should have satisfied with that. He wanted to earn more and for that, he wanted to marry a girl who is not interested in this old man. He might have left it there. He has gone to the extent of arranging for the murder of a person which is no way acceptable. So he paid the penalty.

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    The desire for Mann, penn and ponn(In Tamil, Mann -Land, Penn -Woman, Ponn - Gold). The desire to possess these three things in excess to their requirement will lead to destruction. Hence, try to possess what you need to live. Though RG had enough Mann(Land) and Ponn(Gold), he desired for more Penn(woman). This excess third woman has brought him destruction by sending him to jail. He should have remained happy with his two wives and children at his old age. He should not have compelled that girl to marry and murdered her husband.
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    Very interesting and informative piece by the author. I am aware of this chain as I had gone to this hotel long back when I was working in Chennai. What I was not aware was that Mr RG is now behind the bars. It is also surprising to note that a person of his intelligence and business acumen went for such advice.

    About a year back no astrologer was confirming the victory for Mr Modi in the 2019 elections. But a few days back one astrologer has said he is definitely going to win. Other Astrologers will also follow him.

    Astrology is a knowledge base based on some assumptions and supposed links of heavenly bodies and constellations with human life. In fact, Astrology might be true for all the animals on Earth as they also have a constellation position at the time of their birth except the fact that they do not have a horoscope. So taking this lead we can have a fate line and horoscope for our pets also especially the kittens and puppies born in our presence. We can monitor their life like falling ill etc vis-a-vis their horoscope and check for its match so that we get an idea of how near it is to predict the truth.

    Anyway predictions are always based on certain assumptions and conjecturing and the gullible people just believe in those assumptions and never doubt these predictions.

    Mr RG did a blunder of believing those assumptions and is now suffering the outcome. I think this incident is an eye-opener for the public.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. RG's story related to an astrologer may not be true. It is his desire to get the woman, taking astrology as an authority. No astrologer would suggest multiple marriages for prosperity. It is a story created by that good old man of Saravana Bhavan.
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