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    Who will decide the fate of Indian elections-urban or Rural voters?

    With in few days Indian people are going to elect our lawmakers inorder to form government at the center and in various states. At times we find the voters decision will be same from any part of the country when people give vote to a party decisively. But some time we find there is a lot of difference in urban and rural voters decision towards a party. Parties which give importance to urban areas and corporate sector may not be favoured by rural voters. But finally rural voters decide the fate of forming the government. Rural voters necessaties are quite different from urban areas. In my opinion there is a difference in verdict rural and urban voters. What is your opinion about it?
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    Rural voters will be more in number. Even though many people stay in the urban area their votes will be in the rural areas only. They go to their villages and vote there and will come back to the urban area.
    The percentage of polling also will be more in villages. Another fact is that the village voters may go by the caste of the candidate or religion of the candidate. But in urban areas, this feeling will be less.
    Village votes are from farmers and workers in the agriculture. Their expectations and aspirations are different from those of the voters of the urban area. Urban voters will think about employment and other living standards.
    With all this the money, liquor will play an important role either in the urban area or in the rural area. The night before the day of elections is crucial for the outcome. Many things will happen at that time and tables will be turned.

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    The rural population decides the fate of the party to rule. The villagers of India outnumber the people living in urban areas. The rural public meets and discusses as to who is what and the better political party, and they are very faithful to the party they choose to vote

    Recently, I asked a woman from a village as to whom she would vote. Since she is faithful to former CM Jayalalitha, she said she would vote for her party. When I said that her party is divided and is allied with the ruling party, she expressed her fear that the present government may not favour the self help women group if it comes to power in the centre again, and she would vote for the opposition party.

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    It is well-known that although the number of rural voters in India is much more than the urban voters (although the difference is coming down over the years), the views urban middle-class voters influence the outcome of election most. Further, the educated urban middle-class used to get influenced by the views of the intelligentsia (like journalists, reporters, media-people, professors, teachers. etc.), but with the availability of information from various sources and the increasing presence of social media, the middle-class people are forming their opinion independently without getting influenced by the so-called intelligentsia.
    The urban middle-class people still influence Indian elections more than rural people.

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    Urban as well as rural both are significant numbers and it is difficult to say as which will be more important for winning of a party.

    Another complexity is in the percentage wise population of the different groups affiliated to either local or national parties. In urban areas this affiliation will have a different distribution while the rural areas will have their own contributions.

    Caste, creed, party affiliation, religion and nationalistic approach are the key elements which will dictate the mandate. Rural and urban both are having these voters albeit in different percentage.

    So, it is not easy to find a straight solution to this query.

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    Generally the percentage of voting in rural areas is high when compared to urban areas. The voters in rural areas are easily get influenced by the political parties, religion heads and caste heads. Therefore their decision matters a lot.
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