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    Can Youtube disable Channel monetization on first Copyright strike?

    Can Youtube disable Channel monetization on first Copyright strike? I also want to know whats copyright conditions . When our video can comes under copyright? Its based on content matching only or if you are showing video which do not has rights to show that also can come under copyright.

    Have you faced anytime copyright strike? Please share your views on the to get more clarity to avoid copyright in future.
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    No. YouTube won't disable the Channel on first Copyright strike but three.

    It is just a warning for copyright violation done by the YouTuber knowingly or unknowingly.

    It is also because of a copyright owner sent YouTube a valid legal request asking them to remove it.

    The video will not be shown until the YouTuber shown the proof of original work or it will be deleted automatically after 90 days if not claimed as the original work.

    For example, IPL2019 is going on. In case if a YouTuber was on the stadium, shot a video by himself / herself from his / her smartphone or video camera for few minutes' clip and then uploaded it on their YouTube account. It will still be considered as copyright violation and gets a strike.

    There are such different scenarios. You can read this for more detail.

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    When a person submits a video in the You Tube in his area or channel then it is available for viewing by all the viewers across the globe.

    Now If some company or individual claims that the material or content shown in the video is a copyright material and no permission has been asked to use it or post it from them and requests You Tube to remove it then on submission of certain proofs from them, You Tube will take down that upload to comply with copyright laws.

    This is one reason for taking down a video from You Tube and there are other reasons also when You Tube does it.

    I do not think that it will affect the channel monetisation.

    You Tube has a good tutorial on this and if you want to find more about how to resolve the copyright issue you can visit -

    Knowledge is power.

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    YouTube may take action against channel by disabling the monetization when channel violate the copyright act. He or she should not post any content which is currently owned by others by copyright act. Once you violate the act, you will recieve the notification and your video will be deleted. You can ask for reason by contacting the Google with valid proof if you have.
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    Yes its true on first copyright strike youtube does not disable monetization but what about second copyright I think there is more chances to get disable monetization on second copyright strike.

    On third they will disable channel so you will not able to upload video also and can not create new channel . I thin You all given correct details and definitely it will help to all .

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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